5 Reasons Why You Should Go See Your Professors Right Now

The Winter term is coming to an end and there is only one full week of classes left. While this time can be quite stressful for most students who have major assignments due, some of us have already started reviewing class materials for early finals. If you haven’t had a chance to drop by your professor’s office hours throughout this term, or if you have some additional questions here’s why this is a great time to go see you professor!


1. You need clarification on final projects/assignments.

Obviously the very first reason to drop by your professors’ office hours would be in the case that you have questions about final projects or exams. They can also give you study advice and show you the important parts of the material to focus on which will save a lot of time during finals week.


2. Express gratitude

If you have really enjoyed a class during the term, make sure to drop by and show your appreciation. You can also briefly point out what things made the course enjoyable and unique experience for you. Be sure to keep it short and focused.


3. You need a reference letter

If you are going to need a reference letter for the next term, or in the future it is better to start building a relationship with your professors now. Even though you can also request it through email, making the initial request face-to-face gives the professors a chance to get to know you better. During the office hours you can discuss future academic and career plans, the important things you learn in this course and some of your achievements.


4. You are considering future research or TA opportunities

If this is the case, the professor remembering you as a hard-working and engaged student is for your advantage. Get yourself familiar with some additional materials related to course work or with the professor’s research field and make sure to express your interest in future opportunities during office hours.


5. You need academic or career advice

Even though you can always see your academic advisor for planning you courses and keeping up your grades, professors can provide more detailed view on specific courses. They can also be a great resource to answer some of your questions when it comes to choosing a right field or career. More importantly, they can show you the weaknesses or strengths that you need to focus on for desired future goal.