5 Fun Facts About Easter

Chocolate. Good food. Time with family and friends. Dying Easter eggs. Easter egg hunts. Growing up, Easter was one of my favourite holidays. So, in honour of Easter being around the corner, here are five fun facts about this spring holiday.  

1. 76% of Americans think the ears of a chocolate bunny should be eaten first.

Rabbit Chocolate

2. Americans spend almost $2 billion on Easter candy

Jelly Bean Lot

3. Only 12 of the 50 states recognize Good Friday as a holiday

Flag of the USA

4. The Easter egg symbolizes joy, celebration, and new life.

2 Girls Hugging Each Other Outdoor during Daytime

5. The story of the Easter bunny giving out candies and eggs originated in Germany during the middle ages.

2 Brown Rabbits Smiling At Each Other

Happy Easter Warriors!


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