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5 Fun & Cheap Winter Activities

The holiday season has arrived! Want to get into the holiday spirit? Here are 5 cheap things to do this winter to get you feeling festive.

1. Skating

Going skating is a classic winter activity. Nothing says “winter” like bundling up in your warmest mittens, skating and enjoying some hot chocolate outside with your besties. Even if you’re not a pro at skating, you’ll be sure to have fun anyway!

2. Baking

Holidays and baking just seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. There’s something about baking holiday treats that make your whole house feel cozier. Inviting friends over to decorate some Christmas cookies will definitely put you in the holiday spirit. Plus it’s really yummy.

3. Window Shopping

You know the holidays are coming when Bath and Body Works bring out their holiday products. It’s always so exciting to see all the lights and holiday displays in the window of every store. If you’re not a fan of the holiday hustle and bustle, you might want to skip this one. Instead, you can still shop the holidays online from the comfort of your own bed in your PJs.

4. Holiday Decorating

Holiday decorations will easily bring out your inner holiday spirit. You don’t have to have expensive decorations or a big tree to feel festive. Make decorating even more fun by making your own! There’s nothing wrong with making those paper snowflakes like you used to in elementary school.

5. DIYs

It’s no secret – the holidays can get pretty expensive. Save money and have fun this winter and do some DIYs with your friends or roommates. Whether it’s baking or decorating, DIYs are a cheap way to have fun. Ugly Christmas sweaters never go out of style when the holidays come around. You can make one yourself this season with just a glue gun, a trip to the dollar store and an old sweater!

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