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5 Easy Ways to Become More Likeable

Ever wonder how some people can be everybody’s best friend? Good news is that likeability can be cultivated! These are some behaviours you can engage in to become more non-physically attractive than you already are.


1. Smile

People are naturally attracted to happy and optimistic people. Having a positive outlook on the world will make you much more pleasurable to talk to – no one ever wants to talk to a downer. People tend to mimic the person they’re talking to, so if you smile, they’ll unconsciously smile making themselves feel as if they’re having fun. Happiness is contagious!



2. Focus on the other person

Whether they admit it or not, people love talking about themselves and their passions. Actively listening to people talk about their interests shows that you care about them. This way you don’t even have to fret about what to say next – just ask questions!  


3. Put away your phone

How often do you have conversations now without someone using their phone? It is a huge turn-off when you’re having a great time and someone pulls out their phone. When interacting, especially with someone new, it is important to fully invest yourself in the conversation by limiting the distractions.


4. Greet people by name

Don't underestimate the power of names – they are important to people. Names have been with a person since birth or they represent something truly important in their lives. Addressing someone by their name in conversations will make them feel even more important because it becomes more personalized.


5. Don’t judge

A crucial part to being likeable is being open. This makes you more inviting because you are welcoming to new ideas. Try to eliminate any prejudice before talking to someone and try to see things through their perspective. Understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion- you can always form yours as you go along.


Above all, you must be authentic and genuine. To be likeable, you have to actually like people. Always be confident because when you’re comfortable with yourself, it makes you appear more trustworthy and can let you befriend people easier. If you’re not at that point yet, remember that confidence is just a way of thinking about yourself and others.

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