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5 Easy Tips to Stay Active this Chilly Winter

There is no doubt that winter has arrived, and with these short, cold days it can be tricky to stay motivated in school, let alone get in some exercise. When our days fill up, exercise is usually bumped to the bottom of our priorities, but it is important to find the time to fit it in! Staying active is important for your overall health and actually is shown to help improve your cognitive ability!

Use the following tips to add a bit of exercise to your everyday routines…

Set Goals and Reward Yourself!

Working out every day can sound really intimidating, so that’s why setting realistic goals will help keep you motivated and on track. You can start with a goal to workout 3 times per week, and at the end of each week, you can be rewarded with something you love, like a treat!

Find a Workout Buddy!

This way, you can motivate each other, hold each other accountable,  and enjoy your workouts more. This helps especially if you are going to the gym when it is dark, having a friend to walk with is nice.

Sign Up for Excercise Classes

They can be way more fun than planning your own work out at the gym. UW has shoe tags that you can purchase for the term that gives you access to all kinds of classes, from yoga to spin!

Get a  Yoga Mat to Keep in Your Room

This is for the days that you really don’t want to go outside. There are so many workouts you can find online that only require a yoga mat and a bit of space- perfect for your room. Doing a 20-minute workout on your mat is a great way to combine a study break with some exercise.

Walk As Much As Possible, and Take the Long-Way Sometimes!

You should try finding a different route to class, that you can take when you have some extra time. By getting in more steps every day, you are being a little bit more active, and hey, we will take what we can get!

Staying active is a lot harder during the winter, but if you can do it now… just imagine what you can achieve when spring comes!

Nicole Stolys

Waterloo '24

I'm a first year student in Therapeutic Recreation! I love all things sports and being surrounded by friends :)
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