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3 Ways You Can Spend Your Summer (Budget Friendly!) 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waterloo chapter.

With summer around the corner, it’s time to go out and do fun things with your friends! But you might be wondering, what is there to do?  No need to worry, I’m going to share three fun summer activities, all based on my personal experience. Don’t worry, it’s going to be budget-friendly! 

  1. First up, when it is warm and sunny outside, what better way to spend the day than a picnic? Picnics are fun ways to meet with friends and family and enjoy some good food. Remember a picnic doesn’t always have to be fancy like what you see on Pinterest and TikTok — we are trying to stay budget-friendly here. The steps to having a picnic are simple, first you, your friends or family can bring some food. It can be stuff from your fridge, like fruit, chocolate, sandwiches, etc., honestly anything you want it to be. Then you want to find a place to have your picnic. This can be at a park, a grassy field, or any place that makes you and the person you’re with comfortable. And lastly, remember to bring a blanket or a picnic blanket, so you and your friends have a clean and comfortable place to sit. Remember you can make your picnic as lowkey and chill or as fancy as you want it to be. Don’t forget to bring fun activities like board games, books, a frisbee, etc. The point of a picnic is not to stress; it is time for you to be out in the sun to get fresh air, eat fun treats, and spend time with people you love. The sky is your limit when it comes to setting up picnics.  
  1. Additionally, what is a better way to spend your summer than your hair blowing from the light breeze and the warm sun hitting you as you cruise with your bike? Bike rides are a great way to get outside and be active while having fun at the same time. When we think of bike rides we often think about the Tour de France or biking on busy roads, and this simply doesn’t have to be the case. You can start by biking around your neighborhood, maybe go biking to your local corner store where you can grab your favorite sweet treat! You can honestly just bike anywhere you feel comfortable going, and there’s no need to force yourself to do something you’re not comfortable with. Remember biking is not just something you can do alone, it can also be a social thing. Biking with a friend can make you feel more safe and motivated. To add on, the bike you use does not need to be something fancy with all the latest bells and whistles. Many of us have a bike sitting in a garage. As long as the pedals and brakes work, you’re good to go! 
  1. Lastly, if you’re not the most outdoorsy person but enjoy shopping then this last activity is for you! Thrifting is a great outlet to fuel your shopping addiction, as it is more sustainable for the environment while making your bank account happy. Again, you can make thrifting fun by having your friends around and picking cute outfits for each other. With summer around, many of us have activities to do like going to the beach, going to fancy dinners, etc. All of these events require a cute outfit which again can be fulfilled with thrifting.

I hope you guys enjoyed this list! Here are just a few activities that I have enjoyed doing. I hope my list has something for everybody. To end off, here are some honourable mentions of activities that haven’t made it to the list but still are enjoyable: baking, visiting my local community pool, spending the day at the beach, and trying new restaurants with friends. 

Safa Siddique

Waterloo '27

Hello everyone, I am a second year university student at Waterloo who is exited to share a bit about myself on Her Campus!