3 Reasons Why Mindi Lahiri From “The Mindy Project” Is My Hero

With each day blurring into the next one at home, I find myself needing more quality BFF-time with my television while lying in bed. The night starts out with the excitement of watching something new, but after endless scrolling on Netflix, Disney+, CRAVE, and Amazon Video, the new content becomes too overwhelming and I settle for good ol’ favs — specifically, the funny girl sitcom, The Mindy Project

After just a few minutes on screen, I get hooked (again) as I remember why I genuinely adore the title character, Dr. Mindy Lahiri. When my “quick episode break” becomes a full-fledged TV-binge session, I start to think about some reasons why Mindy means so much to me.  

  1. 1.   She is fierce

    The first thing I notice about Mindy is sheer volume —  her entire personality is loud and proud, evident in her style and voice. Her essence just screams “I am woman, hear me roar!” And boy, she will roar if needed (or if the social context calls for it). Mindy is unapologetically herself and the world must simply make way for her. Glamour magazine has even highlighted iconic “Mindy-isms” to live by and if that isn’t fierce, I don’t know what is!

  2. 2. She is resilient

    Early into the show, it becomes clear that life is not all smooth sailing for an OB-GYN in New York. Though, in all fairness, it could be more of a Mindy issue than a professional barrier. Between her work and personal life (and generally an overlap of the two), she struggles… a lot. Working as the only female doctor in her practice, trying to find love, and working through her breakups, Mindy is constantly dealing with something in her way. But eventually, she comes out on top. Actually, better yet, she fails even more and is constantly growing and finding herself.   

  3. 3. She is a #girlboss

    Though sometimes she can be painted as a boy-crazy airhead, Mindy’s character develops a lot over the course of the show. When the hospital administration forces Mindy to apply a portion of her energy into mentorship and teaching, she instantly surpasses her peers and effortlessly becomes a leader. Once the ball starts rolling, there’s nothing to hold her back. Mindy takes on new training and professional growth to start her own business. [SPOILER] And, among all of that chaos, she has to balance raising a child as a single mother and full-time surgeon. She then learns to ask for help and support from her network of peers and friends. Reaching out for help is not easy, but uncomfortable situations usually pay off in big ways and broaden our horizons that much more. 

I admire Mindy for these reasons and many more. She’s not perfect, but that just makes her all the more relatable. Mindy never fails to keep me laughing, and makes me feel like I have a friend around — and that’s the ultimate gift in a global pandemic! If you’re a fan of Mindy or recently checked out the show, I definitely recommend a cup of iced coffee and her audiobooks for a fun “hang-out” at home; plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to have coffee?