17 Signs You Are a French Major

1. First things first, the whole language is an exception itself.


Just when you thought you were done learning the concept, you have to learn about the hundreds of exceptions that come with the concept. Not to mention, the exceptions can be really confusing because sometimes there’s no logical reason why they're there; you just have to know they don’t follow the general rule of the concept. (Ugh!)


2. Everyone assumes you want to be a teacher

Although some in the language program aspire to be a French teacher, not EVERYONE in said program wants to be a teacher. Many just enjoy learning the language!


3. When you tell people that your major is French, most people react like this:



Reactions also include phrases like “Wow so you can like speak French?!”, “I remember learning this in grade 9” and “I thought you were studying * insert every other art major other than French*?”


4. Unless you spent your whole summer practicing your French, you come back to school confused to what the Prof is saying

As the prof goes through the syllabus in French on the first day of class you just sit there and pretend you know what they’re saying. Then it takes you a good month to actually understand what’s going on in the class. (Oops!)


5. When you’re with your friend and they hear people talking French and ask you “what were they saying?”

To be honest I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying because I was paying attention to our conversation. Besides I could probably only understand a few words here and there because native speakers talk so fast that I can’t keep up!!


6. Even though people think there’s no math involved, THERE IS MATH INVOLVED.



How do you say seventy in French you ask? It’s sixty plus ten. Not only do numbers involve math, forming any sentence is a math formula itself.


7. The French Major Starter Pack

8. You play games and socialize in that class


Grammar is really dry and sometimes hard to grasp. French Profs really know how to make the class exciting by playing Jeopardy and Bib-Bob in class. Plus the prof usually forces you to socialize with other people in order to learn the grammar concept which is a perfect opportunity to start talking about what you’re going to do this weekend.


9. You get surprised when your French Prof starts speaking in English.

You’re either surprised by the fact that they speak English without a French accent or the fact that they just did a language switch and your brain now has to adjust.


10. Most likely, your French Profs are the best Profs you’ve ever had


They really encourage you to learn the language by sending you reminders on when the “Cercle de Français” (French Society) is having events or when there is an information session on going abroad. On top of all that, most of them are really friendly and usually give out candy on Halloween. (Yum!!)


11. You aspire to speak with a perfect French accent

Trying to differentiate and perfect the pronunciation between “j’aurai” and “j’aurais” is a real struggle.


12. Outside of class, you try to keep up with your French by listening to French music, reading French books/online news articles and watching French movies.



You have to do what you have to do in order to not become rusty. You also really enjoy watching Les Intouchables on Netflix over and over again.


13. Your notes end up being in half English and half French



Sometimes it makes more sense just writing it out in English so that you can actually understand it


14. In your non-French courses, you sometimes unconsciously spell things in French

Forever accidentally spelling professor, professeur.


15. You also get excited when a major French music artist is coming to Toronto but none of non-French majors know who they are



Me: OMG Stromae is coming to Toronto you want to go see him in concert?

Non-French major Friend: Who’s that

Me: Nevermind * cries internally *


16. You're excited for the third year abroad option

Whether that be Nantes, Paris, Chicoutimi, Geneva or Les Rhône-Alpes, you’re just excited to leave Waterloo for a bit because you know you need a break from this lil city! Want to go abroad? Check out the information on the French Department’s website.


French is a beautiful language with an equally beautiful culture, our thoughts and prayers are with all the Parisians affected by the recent terrorist attacks. #PrayforParis