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The 13 Struggles of Having RBF (Resting Bitch Face)

“OMG why do you always look so mad?”


Whether you have it or know someone who has it, here are 13 common struggles that people with Resting Bitch Face want you to know!


1. When random people tell you to smile. Ughhhh.

2. You could be having the BEST day and then someone has to go and ask, “What’s wrong?” Whyyyyyyyy.

3. OR they ask, “Are you mad?” / “Are you mad at me?” …Well now I am.

4. Which then turns your RBF into your actual bitch face…and no one wants that. Seriously, it’s scary.

5. But you become SUPER self-conscious of your face and start forcing yourself to smile. This is soooo uncomfortable and you just look like a weirdo, just let your RBF fly, girl.

6. You probably seem totally unapproachable at least 90% of the time. LOL people don’t understand how hard it is for us to actually make friends.

7. And when you finally do get close with someone, they tell you how they were intimidated by you or thought you were a total bitch when you first met. Seriously though, all of my friends have told me this.

8. Most people are surprised to find out you actually have a sense of humor. People with RBF can be funny too!!!

9. Really though, no one can tell when you’re being serious, sarcastic or joking. It’s totally awkward when you have to explain yourself…

10. During interviews and class presentations you have to be extra peppy to compensate for your face. Otherwise you seem hella uninterested, when that’s rarely the case!

11. You often have to reassure people that you’re not judging everyone. Ahhhhh, I promise it’s just my face.

12. When you finally get mad, you have to get extra angry just so people take you seriously. Those who have known you a while are probably used to you having RBF and might not be able to tell when you’re actually mad.

13. Whenever you really ARE in a bad mood, people think it’s just a normal day for you. Straight up annoyinggggg. We have bad days too!

…But such is life, my friends. This is the face you were born with, so own it, girl!




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