Your Non-Greek Boyfriend and Your "Little Bro"

Every sorority girl should know what the whole Little Sis/Big Sis deal is, but not all sororities have a Little Brother program. Essentially, it’s like picking up a Little Bro from a fraternity if they also choose you as a Big, and the same goes for if a Big Bro wants you. I am lucky enough to have both a Little Sis and a Little Bro, and I can say having two Littles in my family line is twice the support and twice the fun! But there are some issues to consider if you’re thinking of picking one up or if you didn’t even know a Little Bro program existed and are wanting to know what it’s like.

As a sorority sister with a Little Bro (who in reality is actually much taller than I am) I have gotten very close to him in a small amount of time and he’s like my new best friend. Joining the Greek life was one of the best decisions I’ve made during college because it provides me with a lot of support, friendship, and people I can eat with when I’m hungry or dying from studying for exams. However, I have been dating my best friend and boyfriend for almost five years now and when I told him the news about me having another Little, he was okay with it up until the point I mentioned that he was someone from a frat. This is where things get tricky.

My boyfriend barely knows anything about the Greek system and how it works, so the whole Big and Little concept sounds “weird” to him. If you have a boyfriend who is non-affiliated with the Greek system, he will probably jump to conclusions and assume that you’re into your Little (OR Big) Bro. At least, that’s what mine did. Some sororities and fraternities have a history of Bigs and Littles that end up together, but that is not always the case. I treat my Little Bro the same way I treat my Little Sis, and because I care about them the way I care about my blood brother, in my opinion I find the concept of dating someone in your Greek family line a little taboo. My boyfriend does not see it that way, however, and in a situation that’s as secretive and special as the Greek life, it’s hard to explain exactly why a Little Bro matters to me. The best way to deal with it is to have them get to know each other, and see how you and your little interact with one another.

Or don’t mention that you have a Little Bro... I guess that works too.