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Why is Everyone Obsessing Over THAT Andrew Garfield Interview?

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As the Golden Globes happened this past month, there is consistent talk about which movies and TV shows are the best, who had the best acceptance speeches, and who looked the best on the red carpet. Many journalists dream of getting a chance to go to an award show and talk to their favorite celebs about their projects and lives. However, one journalist, Amelia Dimoldenberg, has seemed to even surpass those dreams. While Dimoldenberg got to have many exciting interviews at the Golden Globes, one stood out way more than the rest—Andrew Garfield’s interview has gotten everyone’s attention as the two seem to be flirting throughout the entire interview.

This isn’t the first interview with chemistry between Dimoldenberg and Garfield, as their first meeting was at the GQ Man of the Year Awards. Garfield tells the journalist that he has seen her popular interview series Chicken Shop Date and starts the interview by telling her “I think you’re great.” The interview is captivating due to the way they casually talk to each other as though they are already friends and the slight awkwardness due to their seeming to be attracted to each other.


Aquarius host 🤝 Leo nominee | @Chicken Shop Date 💕 and Andrew Garfield continued their red carpet chemistry at last night’s #GoldenGlobes

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The Golden Globes Interview

While the GQ interview had some clear chemistry between the interviewer and the actor, the recent Golden Globes interview is full of flirtatious moments and tons of chemistry. Early in the interview, Garfield says, “I only ever want to see you” and quickly realizes what he said, trying to save the confession by adding “in these sorts of situations.” Garfield then asks what her astrological sign is and mentions that it’s good that her sun sign is the same as his moon. They joke about their relationship and Dimoldenberg jokingly says that he is obsessed with her. When Dimoldenberg tries to ask typical interview questions, both can’t stop laughing, especially Garfield at the fact that she is trying to ask a “serious” interview question. The interview ends with Dimoldenberg asking Garfield for an autograph and she reveals that it is a best friend certificate, and Garfield says, “Bye, best friend.”

The Final Photo is of the Best Friend Certificate

The interview has gone viral both on Twitter and TikTok as people are obsessed with their chemistry and how their personalities balance each other out. The interviews between the actor and the interviewer seem to come straight out of a rom-com or a romance book (shhh… if you want a romance book exactly like this scenario, look up Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman).

While the interviews are fun, likely their relationship isn’t going to evolve more than this, despite the hopes of fans who think they would make a good couple. The chemistry is likely due to them both being English and having a similar sense of humor. The flirtatious and romantic moments are likely accidents, as we can see they usually attempt to take back what they said and make it more interview appropriate. That being said, I wouldn’t be mad if I was wrong…they would be a very cute couple and their current chemistry is fun to watch.

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