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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

Dinner and a movie is fine and all, but are you really connecting? Talking? Perhaps during dinner, you take a break from stuffing your faces – or worse you watch tv in silence while you eat! 

Allow me to propose a different date idea: paint together. 

Before you say “omg I am sooooo bad at painting, how could I ever- I mean that’s just ridiculous-” STOP. The point is not to be good. The point is to do something that is both calming and requires neurons. 

You don’t have to follow a tutorial, though Bob Ross is definitely a fan favorite, and it doesn’t even have to be good. The most important part is that you do it together. And I mean together together. One canvas. Two people. 

Some of my favorite dates are those where my boyfriend and I put on some music and just paint. We chat throughout the process about everything and nothing. It’s a unique experience because we both are decidedly not artists, but we feel connected and happy doing it. It lets us be creative.

We each work on different areas of the canvas, adding to each other’s ideas and brush strokes. It’s surprisingly romantic.  

The end result certainly isn’t a Monet or even a da Vinci, but you’d be surprised how interesting and personal it is. Even if it’s just blobs of color and poorly painted trees. The painting becomes something tangible that you both created that you can enjoy. It makes you look back on the date, something the act of dinner and a movie has never accomplished. 

So – try it out! You’d be surprised how cheap a small paint set can be, and even more surprised at how gratifying it is to step away from the screens and create with your partner. 🎨❤️

Ashley is a Senior at the University of Washington, Seattle, double majoring in Political Science and Journalism. She likes watching movies, finding fun restaurants, and hanging out with friends.