What I've Learned from Being a Creative Writing Major

The fact that I was pursuing a Creative Writing major had always received (and still does receive) an interesting variety of reactions. Some are simply excited for me and the path I have chosen to take. Others gawk at the absurdness of my major, and express their concern for the usefulness of my degree. A few self-proclaimed comedians openly ask if I’m really going to be able to pay my rent.

However, I now understand that innumerable places need and value writers, as well as creative thinkers. By participating in the University of Washington’s Creative Writing program, I have realized how much this degree has helped me, and will continue to help me, grow as an active writer, thinker, and individual.

Going into my first quarter of college, I knew how to read and write, but during my education here at the UW, I learned how to read and write. I've learned more than a mere surface-level comprehension of the text; I've been taught to truly interrogate every facet of a piece, as well as how to contextualize the hell out of it.

This has allowed me to find some level of value and significance in absolutely everything. While a particular work of verse or prose may not be a piece that I prefer, I am able to pick apart the text for the purpose of not only critiquing it, but appreciating it. Consequently, I am able to apply this mindset to other artforms, and even people and situations in my own life.

Perhaps the most important thing I have learned as a Creative Writing major is how to develop my confidence in the choices I make and the reasoning behind them. Being constantly surrounded by other curious people who share my passion of creative writing has contributed greatly to that.

I have taken a number of insanely insightful courses, both from and with many talented people.  The in-class workshops I have with my peers allow an enormous amount of self-reflection, where each of us is forced to reach an acceptance with our own strengths and weaknesses. Pinpointing these attributes grants one the gratification of self-awareness, which in turn has improved my outlook on my college experience as a whole.

Seriously…can you think of a better major?

Ha. I didn't think so.