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What Halloween Candy You Are, According To Your Sign


Nerds. Unlike the name of this candy, Aries are cool and collected. However, they are also daring and fun much like the tangy taste of these treats.


Jolly Ranchers. Taurus tend to be strong minded yet sweet, with a power to befriend everyone. Jolly Ranchers are hard, sweet, and enjoyable, literally a Taurus in a wrapper!


Bubblegum. Geminis are bubbly and talkative, this fun candy is its perfect match. 


Hershey’s. Simple, sweet, tender. Cancers and Hershey’s bars are a two in one. 


Hot Tamales. Leos are leaders and tend to be the center of attention wherever they go. Hot tamales are a fun twist to traditional candies, everything that you’d expect from a Leo. 


M&M’s. Virgos are practical and enjoyable to be around. M&M’s are traditional chocolates that still manage to leave an impression, much like Virgos!


Lollipops. Libras are easy going, spontaneous, and fun. Lollipops satisfy your sweet tooth in a unique way, a quality that relates most to a Libra. 


Reese’s. Scorpios are independent, deep, and full of surprises. The mixture of soft flavors in Reese’s describes a Scorpio to a T!


Skittles. Sagittarius are optimistic and friendly yet honest and restless. Similar to Sagittarius, the Skittles’ hard shell and tender inside make for a pleasant surprise.


Kit Kat. Capricorns are dedicated and organized. The unique snap-and-eat shape of Kit Kat’s is the perfect candy to describe a Capricorn!


Smarties. Aquarius are unpredictable, open minded and intelligent. This simple crunchy candy best represents an Aquarius.


Laffy Taffy. Pisces are loveable and kind. Sweet and soft without being too overbearing, Laffy Taffy is the perfect match for a Pisces. 


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