What to Do When You and Your Best Friend Live in Different States

For the last eight years my best friend Tiffani and I have been roommates in the San Francisco Bay Area. This girl has become my ride or die, partner in crime, the Blair to my Serena, and chosen sister. Most would think living with your best friend would either make or break your relationship and I can honestly say it made ours stronger. Even through all our ups and downs I wouldn’t change our living experience for anything.

However, now that I have moved to Seattle for graduate school, I am sans my best friend/roomie. Not only that, Tiffani decided to move to Atlanta with her mom and now we’re on opposite ends of the country and in different time zones! To say that I am missing my bestie is an understatement.

I’m now doing solo Target runs, navigating a new city on my own, and binging Netflix without someone to listen to my side commentary. The struggle is real…

So, for those who can share my similar woes of not having your BFF around, here are some tips that I have helped us stay connected through this transition that may help you and your fellow BFF:

  1. Set weekly Facetime dates
  2. Coordinate a time where you both can watch your favorite show together and discuss
  3. Kick it old school and send each other snail mail or get more creative send care packages
  4. Save a few dollars every month to either plan a trip to visit each other or to go on a brand-new adventure 
  5. Share or tag each other in memes/gifs throughout the day to make each other laugh
  6. Go do things that you would have done together on your own
  7. Surround yourself with memories, like hanging up a picture of the two of you from one of your various adventures
  8. Be mindful that you each have your own schedule and sometimes you won’t be able to connect as often as you would hope to
  9. Try to stay positive and make some new friends or connect with ones you already have
  10. Lastly, remember your BFF is only a text or phone call away

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a true best friend so when you find one remember to appreciate them and let them know you love them. I love you Tiff and I miss ya!