Vegan Restaurants You Have to Check Out in Seattle's U District

The New Year is officially here, which means most of us probably have some resolutions in mind in order to better ourselves and our lives. It might be to exercise frequently, read more, or spend less time on social media. Resolutions get neglected often because they end up being “too time consuming” but with the right mindset, the goals we want to achieve for 2020 can be successful. I’ve always loved making resolutions every year so I thought long and hard about how I can create a positive impact on my life for 2020. I decided upon striving to eat more plant based to do a favor for our planet and I encourage others to try and do the same. 

It’s no shock that in 2019 we had to witness and/or experience some of the most heartbreaking and detrimental natural disasters that affected many people, animals and plants. According to BBC News, 58% of food emissions come from animal products which means that cutting out meat and dairy when possible can help with cutting back on the effects on the environment such as greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a common assumption that eating vegan in college is restricting but that’s not the case at UW. There are many delicious ways to eat plant based around Seattle’s U District, so give these restaurants a try! 


Araya’s Place Thai Restaurant 

Araya’s Place is a vegan Thai restaurant that’s known for taking traditional recipes and making them plant based. They also have daily lunch buffets from 11:30 pm-3:00 pm for only $11.99 per person.  


Pizza Pi 

This vegan pizzeria is located on University Way and is a small shop that offers a wide variety of pizzas. My favorite is the Mac and Cheese Pizza but they also have a cookie pizza. It’s hard to believe that pizza this good is vegan. 


Broadfork Cafe  

Broadfork Cafe has two locations both in University District and in Lower Queen Anne. All of the ingredients are organic and are sure to keep you full and energized. The options here are endless!


Veggie Grill

Last but not least is Veggie Grill, a chain restaurant located in University Village. Veggie Grill is an affordable option for any student who is trying to eat healthy without spending too much money. It’s also the best option for grabbing food on the go. 

I don’t intend on spreading the message that veganism is a superior diet over others but I encourage people to try going meatless for only one day out of the week. By doing so, the United States would save three million acres of land and prevent 4.5 million tons of animal excrement according to HuffPost. Eating vegan has always been something that’s been made fun of  but when we look at what’s going today with climate change and the extinction of animals, incorporating plant based meals into a lifestyle even if it’s only a few times a week is beneficial for the environment.