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Upgrade Your Tea Game: The Surprising New Ingredient You Need To Try

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From the depths of the Pacific Northwest’s lush forests to your local market shelves, mushroom products have taken the world by storm. But what makes these fungi so special? Join me on a journey through the wonderful world of mushroom products, and discover the unique benefits and flavors they bring to the table. In the Pacific Northwest’s field guide to mushroom foraging, one can find Lion’s Mane, west coast reishi, honey mushroom, and many more. This lush region is a mushroom forager’s paradise, with the world catching on to its lucrative potential. Luckily for you, this trend of mushroom products has made its way to the heart of Seattle: Pike Place Market. 

Just when you thought your mushroom hunt around Pike Place Market couldn’t get any more exciting, the scent of freshly roasted chocolate drifts towards you, pulling you in a new direction. Follow the scent to indi chocolate, a unique establishment that celebrates the unexpected side of chocolate. From body care to drinks, their products range far and wide, and now, a new addition has been added to their menu: mushroom tea. Venture further into the glass-walled factory-cafe and let your taste buds be delighted by indi chocolate’s newest creation.

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indi chocolate’s inspiration to create their mushroom tea arose from their mission to better the world through chocolate… and now mushrooms too! Erin Andrews, indi chocolate’s founder, currently partners with global cacao farmers to elevate their income through intercropping and cultivate chocolate through sustainable methods. Therefore, when it came to creating indi chocolate’s mushroom tea, it decided to take this project home. Partnering with the Pacific Northwest’s mushroom foraging culture would obviously yield the best results while bettering the region’s local communities. Now you can find indi chocolate’s mushroom tea at their in-store cafe.

The carefully crafted blend combines the goodness of natural mushrooms with the soothing properties of tea, creating a delicious drink that nourishes your body from the inside out. Natural mushrooms of the variety Lion’s Mane are said to reduce anxiety and support immune health, and Cordyceps mushrooms are linked to possible heart health benefits. There are many studies linking mushrooms to potential health benefits, but indi chocolate is most passionate about their mushroom tea’s taste. Not only is the mushroom tea flavorful on its own, but it goes splendidly with coffee, milk alternatives, and indi chocolate’s three-ingredient, bean to bar vegan chocolate. Whether you’re looking for a comforting and healthy drink to start your day or a relaxing tea to unwind with, indi chocolate’s mushroom tea is the perfect choice to enjoy with friends and family in store.

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