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Unique Gift Ideas From Etsy

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I love supporting small businesses, and with the winter holiday season fast approaching my obsession with scouring Etsy for the perfect gifts has turned into a marathon. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, winter season holidays, or are simply looking for ways to support small businesses in the community, the following is a list of fabulous presents for every special someone in your life! Enjoy the fruits of my labor and be prepared for friends and family to crown you the ultimate gift-giver.

Gift Baskets

This is the perfect gift for long-distance friends and family, since these baskets include so many items and arrive beautifully packaged! You can choose from a range of themes and objects, so it’s totally unique and sure to delight the receiver.

Christmas Gift Box
Spa Gift Set
Build Your own gift box

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Spice up your gift giving this year with a fun and interactive DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit! Perfect for any hot sauce lover, it is completely customizable and makes for a fun activity you can do together.

Pet Portrait

Pet owners are sure to swoon over this personalized and thoughtful gift. There are so many talented artists on Etsy who specialize in creating portraits of dogs, cats, and all kinds of animals! Some artists even have options for funny versions, like royalty-style pet portraits. Check out these options from the businesses PrintOurPet or TinyFluffyPaws.

Candle Making KiT

Give the gift of aromatherapy this year with this customizable candle making kit. Let your giftee choose from their favorite scents and be completely immersed in the process of making their own candle! Bonus points if you turn candle making into a fun party activity!

For book lovers

As an avid reader myself, I know I would love receiving a reading-themed gift. Etsy has a wealth of incredible book-related products, so I decided to include several options:

Book page holders

These beautiful resin page holders are so useful and gorgeous!

– Custom Book Accessories

Customize a handmade necklace or set of earrings for the book lover in your life; a wearable statement of their favorite book.

Blind Date with a Book

Book lovers have often read so much that it can be hard to find new options on their own. Gifting a mystery book is a great way to add an extra element of surprise and give them the opportunity to explore something new!

Personalized Gifts

From necklaces to rings, mugs to tumblers, cutting boards to dog collars… there are so many options for personalized gifts! Some of my favorites include:

The winter holiday season is the perfect time to show some love to small businesses by supporting their unique products. Etsy gives customers access to a wide range of exceptional sellers with unique gift options, so you can feel confident about finding special presents tailored for the ones you love. No matter the individual, there’s a gift for everyone!

Sol Knapstad

Washington '23

Sol is a third year student studying English and Law, Societies & Justice at the University of Washington. She was raised in California and loves reading, baking, hiking, and traveling in her free time!
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