Underrated Travel Destinations for Your Post-COVID Plans

In the midst of this crazy pandemic, one of the worst parts has been cancelling all of our fun travel plans. From senior trips to family get-togethers to just a visit to the movie theater, quarantine has sucked because it’s made us feel more isolated than ever. Even though you know that you’re staying inside to keep everyone around you safe, it can be upsetting and frustrating to have to give up a year’s worth of plans. In an effort to give you some hope while you continue to stay safe indoors, here are some underrated travel destinations to add to your already long list of places to visit (post-COVID!) once we can be safe and hopefully vaccinated:

  1. 1. Cappadocia, Turkey

    Located in the central Turkey, Cappadocia is known for its beautiful rock formations and hot air balloon rides. You can watch the gorgeous Middle-Eastern sunrise over the top of volcanic rock formations, and even stay in a cave hotel!

  2. 2. Madeira, Portugal

    Madeira is a small group of islands officially part of Portugal, located off the coast of the African continent. Perfect if you love both the beach and the mountains, Madeira is known for its amazing cliffs and blue ocean.

  3. 3. Hallstatt, Austria

    An Austrian village located in the Alps, Hallstatt is known for its scenic views and quaint, little buildings tucked into the mountainside. With its 16th-century architecture and wintery landscape, this town is almost reminiscent of Frozen’s Arendelle.

  4. 4. Chefchaouen, Morocco

    Known as the “blue city,” this Moroccan town is filled with blue buildings and alleys. In what seems like the ultimate Instagram spot, you’ll want to be sure to visit the bazaars and appreciate the amazing Spanish architecture.

  5. 5. Jaipur, India

    Another colored city! Nicknamed India’s “pink city,” Jaipur was a former royal capital of India that still houses the magnificent City Palace. If you ever go here, you have to try the amazing street food and visit the local safari reserve.

If you’ve ever found yourself buying tickets to Hawaii, Orlando, or Disneyland every time you get a vacation, we hope this list can give you an idea of the vast amount of places in the world you have yet to discover. For now, let’s stay home and do our best to fight this pandemic until it’s safe to travel again. Until then, make a travel journal or a Pinterest board and fill it with all the places you want to go someday (hopefully soon!); happy traveling!