The Ultimate Playlist For When You’re Hurting

We’ve all had those times in our life where we got hurt a bit too much. There are multiple ways to cope with this pain – through food, sleep, and sometimes, through music. Personally, I always found making a personalized playlist and adding a bunch of relatable songs to be a great way to 1.) let out your emotions, and 2.) find some kind of relatability through someone else’s words. Not only do lyrics somehow speak directly to us, but they can also explain our feelings in ways we cannot. 



“p.s.” by gnash

  • gnash is known for giving his audience relatable, soothing songs that speak to emotions when concerning relationships, heartbreak, and sadness. At minute 1:43, the song talks about missing somebody while you’re still in love with them, while simultaneously feeling at peace with the situation and hoping for a future together. 

HONORABLE MENTION BY ARTIST: “hungover & i miss u”



“Used To You” by Alie Gatie

  • The Toronto-based rapper and songwriter first became famous with his hit single “It’s You”. Since then, Gatie has released his full album YOU with numerous heart wrenching songs about finding love and losing it. 




“If the World Was Ending” ft. Julia Michaels by JP Saxe

  • JP Saxe and Julia Michaels hit home when it comes to “If the World Was Ending”. Not only is the music video very touching and unique in its own perspective through the aesthetics and production, but they also released an ASL music video for the song that is equally as beautiful. 



“The Story Never Ends” by Lauv

  • Sometimes, breakups don’t end with friendships. Instead, the two become strangers, stories get twisted, and they put the blame on one another. Lauv explains in this song that the story never ends when it comes to one partner’s continuous action of being unable to hold responsibility for anything in the relationship. 



“I Want You Around” by Snoh Aalegra

  • There’s this societal stigma that showing emotions is something bad, especially towards the one you like. The Swedish R&B singer explains the truth behind those hidden feelings and how, while we may not show that we want someone, we actually do. 



“That’s Us” by Anson Seabra

  • I first discovered Anson Seabra through Tiktok ironically enough. He crafts carefully-constructed melodies with gripping, emotional lyrics that speak to all ages. “That’s Us” tells of the chaotic, contradicting feeling of wanting someone even if they are bad for you. It’s about dealing with all the pain for love from both ends. 



“Break My Heart Again” by FINNEAS

  • FINNEAS goes through the thoughts of someone dealing with heartbreak and wanting the individual back, even though they continuously break you. The American songwriter has produced many songs with multiple well-known artists, including his sister Billie Eilish, and has even been nominated for several Grammys.



“scared” by Jeremy Zucker

  • Don’t ever let your fears get to you. The song provides a soothing background of beautiful piano chords with simple lyrics that also speak deeply about one’s fears and not letting them overcome you.



“Out of Love” by Alessia Cara

  • I swear with all my heart that Alessia Cara singing about heartbreak will make you shed tears instantly. Cara’s song talks about the hopelessness and sadness that comes with someone falling out of love with you, which even just thinking about makes me tear up.



“3:00 AM” by Finding Hope

  • Those “sad boi” hours or “simp” times really do come out during the late nights, especially if it's about somone you love and miss. "Finding Hope" puts that into perspective: the thoughts that race through one’s head late at night about the “what if’s” and the hopes of getting the one you love back.