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Whether we’re spending an incessant amount of time studying or working, it is so easy to neglect our skin especially if we’re on a budget or don’t have the time to go to the salon and get a facial. I compiled the most affordable face masks for the best home beauty treatment, for whatever your beauty need might be. 




1. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing ($9) – Deep Cleaning  

   This bentonite clay mask gives your pores the deep cleaning they deserve and in turn clears your face of any blemishes. Win!



2. Garnier SkinActive Super Hydrating Sheet Mask ($3) – Hydration 

This water-based sheet mask provides your skin with hydration while giving it a fresher, and softer feel. Dryness who?




3. Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask ($10) – Clarifying 

If your skin is prone to breakouts, this 100% organic mask might be the one for you. It soothes, clears and balances your skin so wave bye-bye to blemishes! 





4. St. Ives Glowing Sheet Mask Apricot ($3) – Healthy & Fresh Skin

With winter just around the corner, this sheet mask is a must have! Its 100% natural extracts will revive dull skin and give it a fresh and healthy glow. 



5. SpaLife Rejuvenating Cherry Facial Mask ($2.49) – Anti-Aging 

It is never too early to start fighting against wrinkles, the natural cherry extract and Vitamin A found in this sheet mask encourages healthy skin cell production while fighting signs of aging. 




6. Burt’s Bees detoxifying charcoal sheet mask ($3.00) – Detoxifying 

If your face needs a quick but thorough cleaning, do not worry, this sheet mask will do the job! The honey and charcoal mix gets rid of all the dirt and grime in about 2 minutes. 





7. Pixi Glow Mud Mask ($22.00)– Brightening/Glow 

This face mask is on the pricier side of the drugstore world so splurge at your own discretion. It clarifies and brightens, and it fights breakouts to make sure your skin remains looking its best, definitely worth the extra bucks!


8. L’oreal Detox & Brighten Clay Mask ($12.99) – Brightening (alternative to Pixi)

If you’re over having tired and dull-looking skin, then this mask is for you. With a combination of pure clay and charcoal, you’ll have radiant skin in no time! 





9. Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($7.52) – Pore Cleansing

These pore strips remove the dirt below the surface while not breaking the bank. Literally heaven sent! 




10. Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask ($3.27) – Skin Softening 

This avocado and oatmeal face mask will make your skin as soft as butter, but beware, it is not recommended for dry skin! 

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