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The Sun Came Out For a Week and I Remembered I Had Hobbies

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As I’m writing this, it’s currently another gloomy, drizzly day in Seattle, but a week ago the sun was shining and life was beautiful.

Going to school in Seattle means stocking up on funky sweaters because they’re necessary year-round for both fashion and function. Don’t expect to break out your bikinis until the very end of the school year, unless you’re passionate about doing a polar plunge. However—if you’re lucky, you may have one week of bliss right at the beginning of spring quarter, when the universe aligns to have nice weather during cherry blossom season. Nothing makes me think, “Wow, I’m so back,” like being able to walk through the Quad and see hundreds of other students, tourists, the occasional furry, and every kind of photo-op possible taking place. I say this half-ironically, because the swarms of people do get annoying, but it’s also really lovely to go to a school that’s world-famous for its foliage. It’s hard to be in a completely bad mood when you’re surrounded by sunshine and pink petals.

Although we only got a glimpse of what life could be like when the sun came out, that was just what I needed to get excited about everything that spring and summer bring. Picnics, lake days, going skating, and just generally being able to hang out outside is my favorite part of living here. After living in Seattle for exactly two decades now—my golden birthday was the spring equinox, so if there’s anyone to thank for the cherry blossoms, it’s me!—I’m definitely vitamin D deficient. This winter felt long and dark and drained my energy in many ways. It’s painfully noticeable how much my mood shifts from just one day of sunny weather.

One of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice is go roller skating outside. I grew up playing roller derby, so roller skating is always a fun and nostalgic form of cardio for me. The problem with Seattle being so rainy in the fall and winter is that wheels + water are a no-go, so I can only skate outside when it’s nice and dry. After being out of town for spring break, I came back to beautiful outdoor skating weather and got to go on some of my favorite routes on the Burke Gilman and around Green Lake. Green Lake also had some beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom, accompanied by their own swarms of people on a sunny day.

Nice weather also gets my creative juices flowing when it comes to fashion! I get bored of layering jeans and sweaters and jackets for months on end because, at my core, I am a skirt girl. I’ve been doing more thrifting and upcycling recently, and putting together some outfits for the warm weather that I love. I can finally stop regretting not wearing a scarf and get away with leaving the house in just a light sweater–and I finally have an excuse to put on SPF!

It’s unfortunate that the local weather forces me to procrastinate doing some of my favorite activities until this time of year, but it also makes me appreciate them more when I get the chance to do them. And I like being able to think of my life in seasons. The changing weather and blooming flowers can represent a mix of nostalgia and new beginnings.

Bianca Mariani

Washington '23

Bianca studies Drama at the University of Washington and no, she doesn't know what she wants to do with that.