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I don’t know about you, but during finals, all I can think about is how I’m going to clean the place. Is this probably my procrastination brain talking? Most definitely yes. I dream of the day I can finally burn my notes, snap my pencils, and get to scrubbing. There is, however, a clear choice in what chores are most favorable. This is the only correct ranking of chores, disputes will not be heard.

1. Laundry

If you’re living alone or with roommates, chances are you’re only doing your own laundry. This chore benefits 100% you. You not only get fresh new clothes, but said clothes are also warm. The best part is after washing your sheets, then you can snuggle up all nice and toasty, like heaven on earth. 

2. Cooking

You don’t have to be a chef to acknowledge the beauty of cooking. With your own two hands and some raw ingredients, you can meal prep for an entire week. The action of cooking is the reward itself, as you can eat while you cook. Psych 101 students might recognize Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which puts food, water, and shelter as the foundation for all other needs, i.e., you must feed yourself before doing anything else. 

3. Sweeping/Mopping

Listen, listen. It’s so much fun to sweep, especially if you got a Swiffer or something that makes it easier. Truly, I feel just like Cinderella, but in a glamorous way because I don’t need to get on my hands and knees to scrub. Also, this might be the most satisfying chore, because you can literally see all the dirt, grime, and hair you’re cleaning. 

4. Taking Out The Trash

Now we are getting into the low-ranking chores. Taking out the trash is the worst kind of chore, the one that actually feels like a chore. Nobody wants to take out the trash. It’s always, “I did it last week” or “I didn’t even throw anything away.” The steps of pulling out the trash bag, walking down to the dumpster, hurling the trash, walking back, and putting in a new bag make me tired already.

5. Vacuuming

You might say vacuuming is the same as sweeping or mopping. But no, it is not. Vacuuming involves the world’s greatest enemy: carpet. My disdain for carpets knows no bounds, especially shaggy carpets. Yes, they are hella cute. But then, two weeks after you bought it, you’re pulling out hair, dead bugs, small bits of plastic, dust balls, everything! And the vacuum doesn’t even seem to do anything, since the carpet hides all its sins. The time you spent just feels wasted as there’s no aspect of visual satisfaction. 

6. Washing The Dishes

With cooking comes the single worst chore. Sure, it’s fine to just wash your own dishes. But with roommates, those dishes are piling up, and there’s nothing worse than touching old, wet food. This is a never-ending chore, as eating is a daily occurrence. The plates are washed, then they’re back in the sink within 24 hours. It is a thankless job. 

Anyway, good luck with your finals Huskies!

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