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A Thank You Letter To My Single Mom

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

Dear Mama,

When I was hard on you I never knew, understood, nor realized that you worked so hard to support our family. I never knew that you were getting old, that I might be able soon to have to help you with your job. I never knew that those times you are not able to come to school with me is because that day was the time when you have the most patients at the clinic. I was then still mad at you because of that. Without a doubt you worked so hard, you were so selfless and you never complained about it to either my brother or me. You looked strong on the surface, but I know sometimes you can be fragile too, yet you never showed when you were sad. Sometimes, my words were as sharp as knives or my actions were the reason you were sad, but you managed not to let me know. I am sorry. 

I used to always be mad at you when you were too protective of me, like when you told me to not date boys until I finished high school because I was too young to deal with heartbreak. No wonder you are so protective: you had been hurt and you didn’t want the same thing to happen to me. I was always mad because you wouldn’t let me go out late at night with friends. Now I know how dangerous it can be. You always asked me who I’d be with and where I was going. Sometimes you get too protective, but I know now it is because you love me.

Mama, you are not only a mother to me but also a dad. Thank you for having carried me for nine months in your womb; I do not know how it feels, but I know it must be a tiring experience. I stretched your soft baby skin around your stomach, and I even left you with permanent scars because of the C-section that delivered me into this crazy world.

I sometimes questioned your love and was insecure about myself, feeling inadequate. But you constantly told me how much you love me, saying “You have to know I love you, I care for you” and reminding me that I am beautiful and smart. I always know how genuine you were; your words spoke to my heart. I always will remember those times you slept beside me. The time you were worried about me because I had a fever. The time you tried to console me when I cried because I hated the way a new haircut made my face look rounder. The time you packed a lot of food in my backpack because I was going away for three days on a school trip. The time you came all the way from Indonesia to see me. Those are the times that I am always grateful and cheerful for. Mama, thank you for showering me with love and providing me food.

I love you, mama. No one will ever replace you. 


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Safira Vasya

Washington '20

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