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Staying Productive Over the Break

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.
You’ve finally finished your finals and you’re now on winter break! Congrats! Wherever you are in your college career, it’s easy to want to Netflix and chill for the rest of winter break, but don’t let your break go to waste! Here are things you can do to stay productive and accomplish something other than finishing all the seasons of Friends.
1Read that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages
We all know that there’s that one book you’ve been meaning to read for forever. Whether it be that bestseller or a book you’ve had on your shelves, now is the perfect time to cozy on up next to the fireplace and read it!
2. Learn a new skill
Winter break is long, so why not learn how to do something new that you’ve been meaning to do? It can be baking, photography, coding, whatever. You have time to master a brand new skill!
3. Buy a new planner/calendar and plan out 2016
Get a head start and planning the new year! Whether this be writing down days you have off, or making resolutions… planning ahead will guarantee a feeling of accomplishment.
4. Exercise
Yes, I said it! Don’t be that couch potato over break – go for a jog and stay fit! Might as well burn off some calories before eating all of those holiday cookies, right?
5. Start a blog/Youtube channel
This one isn’t for everyone, but starting a blog or Youtube channel is extremely rewarding and a great way to document your life! 
6. Look for a job for next quarter
Looking to make some money after holiday shopping? Consider looking for jobs to apply for on HuskyJobs! 
What will you be doing to stay productive over winter break?