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Spring Break Alternatives That Won’t Break the Bank

Spring break is just around the corner, and that means an Instagram feed full of pictures from Mexico, Florida, California, and anywhere that is warmer than Seattle. However, traveling during spring break can be expensive, from plane tickets to hotels to anything else you want to do, it adds up fast. Here are some great alternative ideas for spring break that help you stay local and won’t break the bank.

1. Take a staycation

Hang out for the week around Seattle and visit all the places you’ve never been before. Maybe you’ve never been to the top of The Space Needle, or maybe you’ve never been to the MOPOP. Try to visit at least two or three new places in Seattle. So, go ahead and spend the $14 to take the Great Wheel and have fun exploring the city you live in.

2. Bus down to Portland for the day

The Bolt Bus down to Portland costs around $15 for one-way and takes only 2 and a half hours. If you’re really ambitious you can go there and back in a day, but if you’re willing to spend a little more, find a cheap hotel room in Portland and split the cost with friends. Go enjoy Portland, visit the art museum, and don’t forget to get some donuts before you head back home.

3. Bus up to Vancouver for the day

On the flipside, if you’re looking to go north, the Bolt Bus up to Vancouver, B.C. is only $18 for one way. It take around 3 and a half hours, so if you leave really early in the morning, you can take the last bus out and still have a full day in Vancouver. Just don’t forgot to bring your passport with you!

4. Drive to Leavenworth

If you’ve never visited Leavenworth, WA it’s 100% the trip. The little town in the mountains is unlike any other towns in the area. Once you drive in, you’ll instantly feel like you’re transported into a German mountain town. Take the day, eat some pretzels and bratwurst, and play in the snow while it’s still there.

5. Washington Coast trip

There is a plethora of cheap rentals available on the Washington coast, so grab some friends and go! You can set up base in a small town, and spend your days driving to a ton of different hikes or to Olympic National Park. And during the nights you can set up a campfire on the beach and watch the stars.


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