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Before I joined a sorority, I had painted a complete picture in my mind of what the “sorority life” would be like. Fueled by movies like Sydney White, House Bunny, and Legally Blonde, I thought my life would be full of pink, gorgeous, and bubbly girls 24/7. While I was shocked to see what it was like behind those big white doors underneath massive Greek letters, I could not have been happier with the sorority life I ended up with. In order to debunk some common myths and release some beautiful truths, I have made a list of what I expected sororities to be like vs. how they actually are.


  1. EXPECTATION: Partying all night vs REALITY: Studying all night

Don’t get me wrong, at times we love to go out and dance with our friends, but not all the time! UW, like most universities, is a challenging school, which means we are constantly grinding on homework and studying most nights during the week. I thought college and Greek life was purely about partying, but that is a pretty big misconception. Sororities stay incredibly focused on grades, which came as a surprise to me, but I’m thankful for it because it keeps me on track and helps me to continue pursuing my passions.


2. EXPECTATION: Barely eating vs. REALITY: Eating full and yummy meals


This expectation I had I blame on Sydney White, specifically the scene where every sorority girl is eating celery at the dining room table for breakfast. I thought every girl in Greek life ate air for lunch and I was not prepared for a life like that at all, so discovering how false that is was an actual breath of fresh air. Sororities provide three healthy and delicious meals a day, accompanied by many snacks (my favorite part)!


3. EXPECTATION: Always looking red carpet ready vs. REALITY: Wearing whatever you please


I had always thought sorority girls were constantly in their “glam” (i.e. hair, makeup, and outfit on point 24/7), but this could not be further from the truth! Most of the time we walk around with pajamas, slippers, and messy buns, which I am a personal fan of. For the most part, comfort over red carpet ready is a must, I mean come on we are college students!


4. EXPECTATION: Only allowed to hang with girls in your sorority vs. Being able to hang with whoever you want



While sisterhood and bonding with the girls in your sorority is a big priority, you are really able to spend your time with whoever you want. Before joining a sorority, I thought I would not be able or allowed to make friends outside of the house, but instead, I’ve found myself making friends in classes, clubs, and other activities. While it may be more comfortable to stick to just your sorority sisters as friends (as great as they are), it’s important to branch out and meet all different types of people from your college or university.


5. EXPECTATION: Neverending drama vs. REALITY: True and drama-less friendships



As I said before, my knowledge of Greek life nearly entirely came from pop culture. Movies I watched before joining a sorority made it seem like houses were made just to create drama, backstabbing, and hurt between girls. Thinking this really existed in Greek life almost made me never want to be a part of it, but luckily I persevere and discovered (like I should have known all along) that the movies had gotten it wrong. In truth, real friendships do form in sororities. The girls around you become some of your closest friends incredibly quickly and because of this, we find a sense of loyalty to one another. It is this loyalty that keeps the drama out and continues the friendships and love within the house. For most of us, drama surrounded our high school lives and college is the perfect place to leave it all in the past. So, if in high school you hated the drama and wish to have close and wonderful friends, maybe look into giving the sorority life a try. I promise the reality of it is nothing like the expectations you have.

Avrelle Harrington

Washington '22

Hi! I'm Avrelle and I am a freshman at the University of Washington. I am currently studying Communications here at UW but I am interested in doing journalism. I love to write, travel, ski, do yoga, and run!