A Productive Fit for a Productive Mindset

From a very young age, my mother instilled specific fundamental values in my sister and myself and although unbearable at times, those core ideals paved a sense of identity as well as confidence in myself. Whether that be getting dressed in the morning or leading a meeting at work, I have found my mother’s words to be widely relevant. For her, how one chooses to leave the house in the morning reveals everything about their general outlook. She was good at reading people, and she always said that one way to sum up a person before even shaking hands is by assessing the amount of effort that seems to have gone into their general appearance. Because according to her, the amount of time you spend in the morning getting dressed, shows how interested and mindful you are of interacting with the world. Thus, my morning routine and the way I chose to present myself on the daily is innately intentional.

As we all isolate ourselves in these odd times, it is inevitable from time to time, to slip into a routine of late mornings, infrequent showers, and staying in your pjs. Although, leaving the house isn’t really an option right now, you can still conquer the world from your home and computer! So, how does one feel motivated to seize the day? I argue that your dress sense can express not only to someone else, but also to your person, what your purpose is. This means that choosing to stay in sweats and not washing your face for your zoom lectures, all day, everyday reinforces your own perception of it being a ‘slow’ or ‘lazy’ day, simply because you don’t physically have to be anywhere. I treat my zoom lectures as physical meetings I am attending, meaning I put on light makeup, do my hair, and wear what I normally would. Some go-too pieces for dressing for a ‘productive mindset’, but not actually going anywhere: comfortable jeans, a professional/lace camisole, and a bodysuit.           

Your capsule wardrobe for the next month at least, will consist of these few items. A straight-cut jean, or a slouchy balloon jean will not only go with everything, but they are also very comfortable! To go with the jeans, if you are working from home, then a professional camisole will be your best bet. My favorite ones are from Nordstrom and Aritzia; these are timeless pieces that are easy to style and again, very practical for lounging. You can also add a bodysuit or two in this little quarantine-edition wardrobe. Bodysuits are easy to wear, and the fitted look gives you a confidence boost that you have been craving, not quite the feeling you get from sliding into those baggy sweats. If it is drafty in your home, layer your look with a structured utility jacket or a teddy coat. These will give you the cozy feeling, while also making you look stylish! (Pro tip: accessorizing is a great way to elevate your look). Furthermore, as the days grow longer, and warmer, you can incorporate more pieces into this capsule wardrobe, like dresses, or skirts.

To end, if you feel that you have been sufficiently productive in oversized sweats and a lack of a morning routine, then that’s great for you. This article is mainly aimed at those of us who need some sort of a creative outlet or something that symbolizes a sense of purpose for our day. Because, I am the type of person who gets fully dressed up to look through avocados in the produce section just so I can wear a certain piece that I haven’t in weeks (I also highly recommend doing this).