The Playlist You Need to Survive Until Spring Break

Whether you are still facing midterms, gearing up to take finals, or need to absolutely crush that next speech or presentation, there is nothing like a playlist full of songs to get you feeling strong, empowered, and ready to get an A. I recommend listening to these songs either while taking a study break when you feel overwhelmed or plugging in your headphones and jamming while on the way to your important test. These songs will leave you feeling confident, optimistic, and fearless!


BO$$ - Fifth Harmony 


Nothing will make you feel more empowered than a song that features the names Michelle Obama and Oprah. Fifth Harmony's BO$$ will have you walking into that midterm to a an undeniably poppin' beat. 

Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovato 


This unapologetically savage song by Demi will remind you of the independent person you are and that no person or test will stop you today. 

Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld 

Starting off with a chill beat and working its way into a must dance tune, Hailee's Love Myself will have you in your feels about the most important thing, yourself! 

I Am Woman - Jordin Sparks 


This one is just because every great playlist needs to have an even better 2011 throwback song, especially one by Jordin Sparks. 

Fight Song - Rachel Platten


If your feeling a real anthem to get you through the last few difficult weeks of the quarter, this is the song for you. I guarantee you'll be huming the words of this song to keep you going. 

Confident - Demi Lovato 


Because just one Demi Lovato female empowerment song is just not enough. 

Be Alright - Ariana Grande 


This song will make you want to take a deep breathe and remind yourself that everything really will be alright. No matter what's to come in these next weeks, Ariana's got your back! 

Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys 


A song that will make you feel confident and ready to take on anything. Alicia's vocals in this song are absolutely beautiful and will have you belting out along with her. 

Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine 

This song is a bit of another throwback to remind you of simpler times, but also the message in this song will help you realize that your "dog days" are coming to an end and happiness it next. 

thank u, next - Ariana Grande 

So you can say thank u, next to stress, negativity, and bad vibes. 

Run the World (Girls) - Beyoncé

The one song absolutely required for a female empowerment playlist. You run the world and that test, speech, or presentation-and don't you dare forget that. 

Wings - Little Mix 

The perfect amp up song to start your week off on a good note! Spread your wings this week and work! 

Diva - Beyoncé 

This legit Beyoncé classic will bring out your husslin' mood that will have you taking the week by storm and getting it all done-like a diva should.