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The Perfect Playlist For Sunny Days

Sunlight, with all of its vitamin D and serotonin-boosting effects, has a positive impact on our mental health and overall wellbeing. The happy mood that sunshine puts us in essentially universal for all people. It is perhaps because of this commonly held belief that sunny days = good mood that musicians draw upon summery-sounds in their feel-good songs. And while “sunshine” isn’t a music genre per se, warm, sunny days and the upbeat, carefree attitudes that accompany them have certainly inspired and influenced subgenres such as surf-rock, dreampop, beach-goth, psychedelic-pop, Americana and shoegaze.

These 12 songs provide the perfect soundtrack for laying out in a hammock on a spring day, hanging out at the beach waiting for the right surf waves, or even simply daydreaming about the warm days ahead. Add these songs to your designated sunny-day-playlist to listen to all spring and summer long:

Afternoon - Youth Lagoon

Tangerine - Beach Fossils

Buzzing in the Light - Dr. Dog

Glazin’ - Jacuzzi Boys

Let’s Go Surfing - The Drums

Nova Scotia 500 - Boyscott

West Coast Bros - Balue

Varsity - Smith Westerns

T-shirt Weather - Circa Waves

Orpheus Under The Influence - The Buttertones

Kalifornia - Modern Pleasures

Sunlight - Yuno

Noelle Hardman

Washington '21

Noelle is a senior double majoring in Communications and Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Washington.
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