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An Ode to My Roommate As The Year Comes to An End

Dear Roommate,

          When we first met (awkwardly shoving our belongings into condensed spaces, sweating from the walk up the stairs and trying to make uncomfortable small talk with each other’s families), I never knew what you’d come to mean to me. I never knew how living with someone would change who I am or how I functioned. Somehow you heightened my awareness of how many shoes I owned and how seldom it is I find myself making my bed. You’ve kept me up one too many nights, and we’ve shared just a little too much about ourselves. But nonetheless there is no one I would rather have shared a bathroom—and a life—with.

            One thing I want you to know before we part ways is simply “thank you.” Thank you for loving me and listening to every miniscule boy problem. Thank you for laughing at my sleep talking and leaving me little post it notes to find when I came home. Thank you for dealing with my excess of shoes and my odd sleep schedule. Thank you for turning off the light when I had a migraine and always filling up the water filter. Thank you for all the laughs and the pep talks. Thank you for lending your ear whenever something was going wrong and for letting my friends invade our space constantly. You have become my confidante and an individual I will always remember going forward. Living with you has changed me for the better.

            Before we part ways I want you to know the ways in which you have bettered me. Seeing day by day your dedication to your work has made me a harder working student. Hearing you return at absurd hours from studying much too long has reminded me that perseverance is imperative to success. Laying with you after one of us had endured something turbulent reminded me to always be compassionate and loving. Remembering to take out the trash every week and reminding you to take your keys made me more aware and considerate. Finally, loving you as a friend has made me a better person.

Roomie, thanks for the ride.



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