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NCT Dream concert
NCT Dream concert

NCT DREAM: On Their US Tour and More

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

Just like how their teenage selves hoverboarded into many’s hearts with their debut in 2016, NCT DREAM continues charging their way through the music scene with their first world tour, “THE DREAM SHOW 2: In a Dream.” Intertwining pop with sentimentality, the tracklist is an ode to their seven-year history, reflecting a core theme that the members and their music strive to convey to their audience: growth.

As they join a virtual roundtable interview with college students from the seven destinations of their US tour—Newark, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle—we meet the seven NCT DREAM members clad in their silver concert attire.

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“We all started our careers when we were under the age of 18,” MARK, the leader of the group, shares, “even then we had this motto: to be a symbol of healing and a beacon of hope to our listeners, especially for people like us — young dreamers.”

RENJUN, vocalist with a soft-spoken demeanor, elaborates on how their early debut has helped them craft a unique story central to their group’s identity: “Every K-pop group has their own unique color. For NCT DREAM, it’s the hope we try to give the youth, the story we have, and the fun we showcase through our music.”

He recalls a very specific moment when the message of their music impacted a fan. “I had a chance to speak to a fan who had to undergo surgery. Before [the surgery] they listened to Hello Future, and they were able to find peace and strength — I was very touched, and it made everything feel a lot more meaningful.”


Photo Courtesy of SM ENTERTAINMENT

The “DREAM SHOW 2: In a Dream” is another opportunity for them to connect with their fans, this time on a global scale. Despite having performed overseas before, this tour marks their official “embarkation” to the international stage. “It means a lot to us,” MARK says earnestly, “we really had to prepare strong performance-wise and mindset-wise so we can show the world our capabilities.”

When it comes to performing for an international audience, NCT DREAM chose to hone in on their past experiences rather than alter certain components of the performance. JENO, smiley-eyed dancer and rapper of the group, explains that gaining those experiences has pushed them to “upgrade to another level.”

Their discography is also an audible representation of how far the septet has come. “Our voices have changed over the years,” MARK remarks, referring to the gradual change of their higher-pitched teenage voices from Chewing Gum to their newest and first English release Beatbox, loaded with deeper tones. “Our inspirations and ways we convey our emotions have grown; we’d really like to put our experiences in our music as much as we can.”


Photo Courtesy of SM ENTERTAINMENT

Between their hectic schedules and constant preparations, NCT DREAM has also found ways to cool down. Whether it’s “social media and gymming” (JAEMIN, dancer and rapper and the king of fan service), “gaming, shopping, and drinking beer” (HAECHAN, honey-voiced singer), or “playing basketball with MARK!” (CHENLE, vocalist with a crystal-clear resonance), the triple-million sellers have a more laid-back side to their vibrant on-stage personas.

When asked about what advice they could offer to their past self, JISUNG, dancer and youngest of the group, reflects on how his concern for others’ thoughts about him made him scared and shy. “There is no need for that,” he concludes with a soft smile as other members nod encouragingly. RENJUN also shares a piece of advice for college students: “The college years are when you have the most passion and strength to pursue your dreams — do everything that you want to do so you live without regrets!”

It is hard to imagine such a youthful group already having debuted for seven years. With experiences synonymous with the group’s musical identity, the septet embodies what their name represents: youth, growth, and hope. As the meeting concludes, the seven leave for their concert later that night, continuing to shine in their industry as dream makers.


Photo Courtesy of SM ENTERTAINMENT

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