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Spring and summer are the best times of year in Seattle! With the weather getting better, I am looking forward to spending more time outside with my friends. As we were looking forward to the nice weather, we made a spring quarter bucket list together full of ideas of fun things to do this spring. 

Gas Works

The first thing on our bucket list is going to Gas Works! It is so close to campus and a beautiful spot to take advantage of. We want to go see the sunset and have a picnic.

Tulip Town

Next on our list is visiting Tulip Town in Mount Vernon for the tulip festival. It’s open from April 1 to May 1. If you drive, it’s just over an hour away from campus. There’s also public transportation too, which would be well worth it to see the tulips. It’s the perfect place to take pictures and get in the mood for spring. 


Being so close to the lake, it would be silly not to take advantage of the Waterfront Activities Center or other local rental places. Kayaking is fun for anyone, regardless of experience, and the perfect way to cool off on a warm day. 

Mariners Games 

Going to a Mariners game is a great, cheap activity for spring. Getting to the stadium is easy if you take the light rail from campus. Tickets start at $10! Taking a group of friends would be a fun adventure. 

Visiting Hometowns

My out of state friends always want to explore the area. Since I’m from Washington, I want to bring my friends to my hometown and show them around. Visiting your favorite spots and showing them what your life was like growing up can help you get closer and make new, fun memories in your hometown. 

Hopefully, you got some fun ideas for spring from my bucket list! Make sure to enjoy the nice days and take a break to have some fun. 

Nicole Green

Washington '25

Nicole Green is a junior at the University of Washington studying Public Health - Global Health with the goal of attending medical school in the future. She balances her academics with time for herself by cooking, baking, hiking, traveling, playing volleyball at the IMA, and spending time with friends and family. Outside of school, Nicole has been a member of Her Campus since her freshman year, and this is her second year as Contributing Editor. She also works for a research study on campus, is involved in Dance Marathon, volunteers at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and is involved in the Greek Community. Check out her articles to see how she balances all of her involvements and why she has loved her time at UW so far!