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Selena Gomez has always been someone I have looked up since I was young. It was nice seeing representation from my own community as I grew up. Selena remains one of my favorite female role models to this day. This past autumn she finally released her makeup line: Rare Beauty.

What I find unique about Rare Beauty is their philanthropy. According to Variety, “1% of all product sales, plus funds raised by partners, will go toward the Rare Impact Fund to support mental health services.” Personally, I find this assuring and fantastic for this brand to help support mental health in this way. It helps bring attention to mental health and also helps people be able to take a step toward being educated on mental health if they do not have prior knowledge.

1) Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation: 5/5

The foundation has been my favorite product so far from this line. I have always had problems in the past with finding a base for my face that I feel confident in. Acne is one of main concerns when I consider trying to find a new foundation. I have sensitive skin, so I become aware when a new product is not working well. From the first initial application, I adored how this liquid foundation made my skin look. A little bit of product goes a long way with this foundation. I usually apply it with a beauty sponge, and I make sure I clean my face beforehand to prep my skin. When I wear this foundation, I feel like it does not bring attention to any of my textured areas and I have enjoyed wearing it every time I have done my makeup. I currently use the shade 240W.


2) Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer: 5/5

Continuing with the base products, the concealer is the perfect formula. It feels hydrating underneath the eyes and it does not cake in the areas you apply it to. As the same with the foundation formula, it is better to use a little bit of product. I apply the concealer to my under-eye area and where I want to cover up any acne areas. I also use a beauty sponge to blend out the product and I just set my concealer with a translucent setting powder. I am currently using the shade 170W.


3) Lip Soufflé Matte Lip Cream: 2/5

As much as I have enjoyed all the products I have tried from this brand so far, this is the one product I did not continue using. I personally prefer matte liquid lipsticks, and this formula according to the official Rare Beauty website, it is a “velvety matte finish with a soft blurring effect.” Although the pigmentation and color selection are lovely, it is just not personally for me.


4) Magnetic Spirit Eyeshadow Palette: 4/5

This is one of the latest products I have been using for the past few weeks if I do decide to do my eyeshadow. Although I do wish there were some matte eyeshadows in this palette, all the colors are beautiful. The Rare Beauty website describes the eyeshadows as “brilliant metallic and duo-chrome finishes.” If you do want a more blendable and seamless eyeshadow look you will have to dip into another palette for some matte eyeshadows, but other than that, the color scheme works perfectly together. My favorite shade from this palette has been “Ignite” which is an appealing metallic berry toned color.



5) Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush: 5/5

This blush is from the latest collection that Rare Beauty released. This blush is aimed to give you a natural color to your checks. The formula is a cream consistency. The packaging of the product is small and compact, so it is easy to store. Overall, I have enjoyed so far using this product, and I apply this with my fingertips for easy and quick application. I having been using the shade Nearly Mauve.

6) Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eyeshadow: 5/5

If there is one product I would recommend for you to check it from the new Stay Vulnerable collection, it is this liquid eyeshadow. Prior to using this product, I have had limited use on liquid eyeshadows on the past, so I did not know what to expect. It is highly pigmented and overall, I was impressed on the first application. I purchased the shade Nearly Neutral and I was very impressed. It does not crease and applies wonderfully over your eyelids. It gives you a quick color and looks stunning on its own. I know I will be purchasing another shade in the future.


Overall, Rare Beauty has become one of my new favorite makeup brands and I have thankfully had more hits than misses with the brand so far. I cannot wait to see future collections and new products from the brand.





Stephanie is currently a sophomore at the Univeristy of Washington. She is originally from a small town in Eastern Washington. She intends to major in Law, Societies and Justice. In her free time, she enjoys looking at nice puppy content and listening to music.
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