My 5 Bedside Table Essentials

I used to be the person who piled their bedside table high with junk that ranged from empty water bottles to jewelry to even coins at one point (throwback to when I tried to start a coin collection). Over the years, I learnt how to keep my bedside table organized and neat just for my own sanity really, and to only have a few really important items that I would need before going to bed and waking up every morning. Most of the essentials that I always have sitting on my table right now can also be carried anywhere; I’ve used these for hotel bedside tables, and even if I’m staying over at a friend’s house. 

1. Hand Cream

I am currently using the British Rose scented one from The Body Shop, one of my absolute favorite places to get skincare and beauty items. This is leaves my skin really soft and it smells AMAZING!

2. Face Spray

Yes, I’m talking about the notorious Mario Badescu face sprays that everyone seems to have. I usually keep the mini version of it on my bedside table, mainly because it doesn't take up too much space and it’s also really convenient to carry around. 

3. Lip Balm

Dry, chapped lips is one of my biggest pet peeves, whether it be my own or someone else. I don't go for fancy smelling lip balms; I always reach for my trusty Vaseline because it does the job and seems to last a lifetime. From the picture, you can tell that I use this product a LOT. 

4. Scrunchies/Hair Ties 

I prefer scrunchies over hair ties mainly because they don't break easily and I get excited over the different patterns and colors you can get. I always find them useful to throw my hair up if I'm trying to read or study in bed and my hair just keeps getting in my face.

5. A candle 

So this one cannot be taken to other places easily but having a nice smelling candle on your bedside table honestly just changes the vibe of my room so much. The one I’m currently burning through is Champagne Toast from Bath and Body Works, and it smells DIVINE.