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Winter quarter at college can feel mundane and lonely at times. With cloudy skies and cold weather, many of us just want to curl up under a blanket in the warmth of our homes. To get out of the funk of just sitting around the house, I listen to music to make me energized about my school work. These are my personal favorites from my winter playlist. 

“She Calls Me Back” – Noah Kahan

Seattle doesn’t really get snow like my hometown in the Northeast does. On the days that I am missing those snow flurries I love listening to Noah Kahan’s album, Stick Season. Depicting the experience of growing up in a small town in the Northeast, it’s bittersweet but such a great listen. “She Calls Me Back” is one of my favorites off the album that is less mainstream.

“Scott Street” – Phoebe Bridgers

This song feels like visiting your hometown once you move away and are on your own for the first time. It makes me feel all cozy and reflect on my life but that’s what winter is for. The song wraps you in a big hug, reminding you of your childhood memories.

“Forget Me” – Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi has an incredible voice that blows me away in every one of his songs. I’ve recently gotten really into this song after hearing it through a TikTok, a common way I seem to find music these days. I’m still waiting for him to release the full album but this song will get me through the waiting time.

“Fast Times” – Sabrina Carpenter

emails i can’t send, Sabrina Carpenter’s newest album, has everything on it. There are songs about hating men, ones that get you up dancing, and of course ones that can make you cry. “Fast Times” is catchy but not repetitive and has a guitar back track that makes it upbeat.

“False God” – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s album Lover is by no means my favorite of hers, but this song from the album is always on repeat. It’s a good study song that makes you feel like you’re in a movie. You know that sitting in the car looking out the window pretending to be in a music video feeling. It’s catchy and a bit different from her most popular pop songs.

“All This Time” – Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson’s new album Faith In The Future had a ton of incredible songs on it but “All This Time” is my favorite. It’s about how pain in life is worth it because of love, friends, and family. During winter quarter it can be hard to remember why you are studying and working but spending time with friends and family makes me remember why it’s all worth it.

“Bloom” – The Paper Kites 

This song reminds me of my favorite moments in nature, whether it’s a memory of a hike, sitting at the edge of Lake Washington, or jumping off a dock into the ocean. During the winter it gives me hope that summer is going to be here so soon and all my favorite things will return. 

“this is me trying” – Taylor Swift

The day before one of my biology exams this quarter I just bawled to this song. Sometimes you just need to let all your feelings and frustrations out before attempting to take on a stressful situation. This song from folklore reminds me that I’m trying my very best and that’s all I can do.

As we reach the final stretch of winter, these songs can hopefully inspire you to finish the quarter off strong!

Elizabeth Williams

Washington '25

Elizabeth Williams is one of the Campus Correspondents for University of Washington’s Her Campus chapter. As a freshman she was a Writer, followed by being a Corresponding Editor for a year. In her hometown of Wilton, Connecticut she developed her love of writing in high school. Now as a junior at the University of Washington, she is pursuing a double major in Journalism and Psychology. Through her journalism classes she has covered a variety of topics about the environment, social media, and on-campus events. For Her Campus, she mainly writes about music, fashion, and college advice. She also just recently returned to campus from studying abroad in London! In her free time she loves reading (she read 25 books last year), doing hot yoga, and spending time with her roommates. If she’s not writing you can probably find her getting coffee or at a concert, most likely at Harry Styles’ Love on Tour or at Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. If you have read some of her articles, you can probably tell that her greatest achievements are getting tickets to concerts (a certified skill) and predicting the outcome of reality tv shows.