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Looking Back at Trump’s First 100 Days

Donald Trump made a lot of promises for things he would do within his first 100 days in office.  And now that those 100 days are up, it’s time to check in with the President and see how he lived up to that “ridiculous” standard of the first 100 days (thanks, Twitter Trump!). Trump has said that he would give himself an A+ despite calling the benchmark ridiculous on Twitter, but the former reality star has failed to repeal Obamacare and install a new healthcare plan. He has failed to implement a travel ban that would somehow make our country safer. And he is no closer to building a wall across the Mexico border than he was 100 days ago, unless that wall happens to be made out of thin air. 

What has he been doing in the meantime? He reinstated the “global gag” rule in January, a law that bans nonprofit organizations like Planned Parenthood from referring to abortion as a family planning method overseas, or they will lose federal funding. Not only is this a blow to women’s healthcare in the U.S., but it also affects people in other countries that should be in charge of their own bodies. In March, he released two pages from his tax returns, which did not enlighten the public any further on his finances. Trump is the first president not to openly release his tax returns since President Nixon, which is causing a lot of people to wonder what he is hiding. In April, Trump launched 59 missiles to Syria, despite his claims during his candidacy that he would put “America First” and become less involved with overseas intervention. Also in April, Trump put a nail in the coffin of Planned Parenthood by signing legislation allowing states to defund PP because it provides abortion services. 

Trump has done almost nothing to make good on the promises he made America during his candidacy for office. Of the incredibly vague promises he made, he has only attempted a solution to one of them, and the GOP couldn’t even vote on passing legislation by a president from their own party. When measuring what Trump has done versus what he promised to do in his 100 Days Plan, only one word from Trump’s vocabulary fits best: “weak.” 

via Washington Times

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