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Local Women-Owned Businesses to Support This Women’s History Month

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

In 1988, Congress passed the Women’s Business Ownership Act. That act allowed women more mobility in the field of entrepreneurship by getting rid of outdated laws that required a husband’s signature and discrimination regarding banking while also enabling women to apply for independent government contracts. 

Since then, women-owned businesses have been thriving! In fact, as of 2023, 42% of all U.S. businesses are female-owned. This women’s history month, take some time to look for female entrepreneurs and see how you can uplift their work. Below are 10 female-led businesses in the greater Seattle area that anyone can support!


Donna Chen opened this business back in 2015. Embracing her heritage, Donna leaned into her roots and brought a special twist to the French macaron. The store offers several unique flavors inspired by Donna’s asian background including ube, thai tea, and lychee. Be sure to check out their ice cream filled macarons while you’re there!

Spruce Apothecary

This wellness studio puts out products by women-owned, BIPOC-owned and queer-owned companies. From skincare to holistic wellness, this company promotes sustainability within the realm of self-care. 

Mimi’s Zero Waste Market

Mimi’s sustainable market allows visitors to buy bulk organic pantry stables from local sources. Selling everything from beans and flour to soaps and shampoos, Mimi’s provides an ethical alternative to everyday shopping.

Good Neighbor Cafe

If you are a literature lover, this cafe is for you! Opened by immigration lawyer Sharon Healey in 2019, this little stop caters to the bookworms with menu items such as the Charles Dickens (bacon, arugula, tomato sandwich) and the Harper Lee (sliced ham with veggies and spicy mustard sandwich).

Three Trees Books

Need a good new book? Make a stop at Three Trees and check out their selection of books and gifts for whatever genre you may be searching for! Their friendly staff are always ready to help so don’t hesitate to ask for their input!

indi chocolate

Erin Andrews opened this spot after her daughters curiosity took them on a trip to Belize to learn more about the origins of chocolate. Their interest quickly grew and the store now offers everything from chocolates and gifts, to cocoa butter products and hands-on chocolate making classes! Furthermore, indi works directly with international cacao farmers to provide ethically sourced, quality products – so what’s stopping you from dropping by?

Jenny Cookies

Who doesn’t like cookies? Jenny Cookies provides a wide variety of decorative and delicious cookies for any special occasion. They also offer a selection of other sweets such as cupcakes if  you’re craving another treat!

Makeda & Mingus

Opened by Prashanthi Reddy, this neighborhood cafe provides a menu ready to satisfy yoru cravings. In addition to their expansive food and drink options, every Thursday evening they also serve a homecooked Indian meal. By supporting local artists and community organizing/ social justice efforts and having a homey vibe, Makeda & Mingus is one of my favorite spots in town. 

Snapdragon & Thistle

Freya Radlein opened this tea shop known for its ethically sourced and high quality products. With a wide range of loose leaf teas and herbal tisanes, it can be a little much, so feel free to reach out to their expert staff and find the tea that’s perfect for you!

Brown Sugar Baking Company

Lillian Hill opened this organic, vegan, allergy friendly (nut, gluten, and soy free) bakery up in Seattle’s International district. As someone with dietary restrictions, I can tell you that this stop is a lifesaver! Their choices are delicious and safe, so every foodie can enjoy themselves. 

Varsha is a student at the University of Washington where she is majoring in Informatics (concentration in biomedical and health informatics). Also a pre-med student, she is passionate about healthcare accessibility, diversity, and community service. Born and raised in Seattle, she loves to spend her free time hiking, playing badminton, discovering new coffee shops, and watching K-dramas.