Instagram Thrift Accounts: A Convenient Way to Shop Sustainably

Changing your fashion choices is an amazing way to do your part with helping the environment. Unfortunately, most sustainable clothing brands come with hefty price tags that are unrealistic for a college student’s bank account. But have no fear, thrift stores are here to give you cheap, unique, and eco-friendly options. However, it’s possible that there aren’t any great thrift stores in your area, or maybe you’re stuck inside due to a global pandemic so IRL shopping is a no-go. This is when Instagram thrifting accounts come in to save the day.

I’ve recently discovered this community while trying to pass the time in quarantine by impulse buying, and I wish I would’ve gotten on this wave sooner. It’s an insanely convenient method to find really cute pieces without leaving the comfort of your bed, and it supports young entrepreneurs during this financially troubling time. The concept is very similar to DePop, an app that allows you to buy and sell your clothing, but I find the Instagram method to be more accessible and less overwhelming. I seriously recommend checking it out no matter what your situation is! Here are some of my favorite pages that I’ve recently followed:


  1. 1. Thrift Whipped (@thriftwhipped)

    Thrift Whipped offers both modern and vintage pieces on a weekly basis to their impressive 12,000 followers. They even offer a story highlight that provides a step by step breaks down of how to purchase an item from their account. Causal t-shirts, trousers, dresses, sweaters; you name it, they got it.

  2. 2. Dandelion Thrifts (@dandelionthrifts)

    Dandelion Thrifts is based out of Nashville, Tennesse and posts new items every other day! The account has a story highlight entitled "Why Thrift?" that explains the benefits, environmental and economic, of choosing to buy second hand. Big bonus: the aestheitc of the page is incredibly pleasing, giving off massive Urban Outiftters vibes.

  3. 3. Not Just Your Mom's Jeans (@blue_jean_babes)

    Personally, I always struggle to find jeans that are both reasonably priced and cute. However, this account proves to do just that. Offering shorts, jeans, and skirts, there is an amazing variety of bottom options to choose from. Plus, they take Venmo, Zelle, and Cashapp!

  4. 4. CLOFINDS (@clofinds)

    This account has over 10,000 followers for a reason. The pieces are always in-style, and it even offers high end brands such as Free People and Golden Goose. There is also a story highlight of customer reviews raving about their purchases so you know it's legit. The owner even does an occasional giveaway!

  5. 5. Handmade Scrunchies (@bees_scrunchies)

    While this isn't technically a thrift account, I simply couldn't leave it off of this list. Starting up in March of this year, they provide an abundance of adorable homemade scrunchies that you couldn't find at your typical retail store: cute patterns, themes, and even some made of towel material that are perfect for beach and pool days. They're even making custom face masks to wear for social distancing. You can find them on Etsy, too!

Add checking out these accounts to your quarantine to do list! You will not regret it (unless you end up buying way more stuff then you should like I have...)!