I Tried Whitening My Teeth With Activated Charcoal For a Week—Here's What Happened

Last week, I purchased the BLAQ Teeth Whitening Wand. This whitening pen promised me a whiter smile despite my teeth sensitivity, which has prevented me from whitening in the past. I had always craved a brighter smile but using brands like Crest left my teeth in so much pain I had never been able to see results. The pain-free promise convinced me to shell out $21 for whitening pen that uses activated charcoal and coconut oil as its main ingredients to “lift stains and impurities without causing tooth erosion or damaging enamel.” Oh—and it also guarantees fresher breath by killing “bad breath bacteria”—a plus in my book.



The directions for this wand are as follows, which are written on the packaging of the pen.

  1. Just like a pen, click the bottom of wand to dispense the gel. Note: If it’s your first time, be patient with the wand and give it a few extra clicks.

  2. Expose your teeth and brush on a thin layer.

  3. Keep your lips from touching your chompers for about a minute (the silly face is totally worth it), until the formula dries.

  4. Relax your lips as normal and try to not indulge in any food, drinks or displays of affection for the next 20 minutes, then rinse.

  5. Use daily for undeniably fresh breath and a megawatt smile.

Following these easy to understand instructions, I decided to give this sensitive-teeth safe whitening treatment a try for a week to see if I could actually achieve a dazzling white smile in 7 days.


Day 1:

After some research on review pages and seller sites about this product, I was informed it is best to try this treatment at night before bed, as to eliminate the chance of eating or drinking while whitening. While I stood in pajamas in front of my bathroom sink, I opened the all black packaging of the pen. With some patience and half a dozen clicks on the bottom button of this whitening contraption, black liquid started to spread throughout the white bristles of the brush tip. I tried to paint the disturbing black gunk on my teeth but let me tell you, it was no easy feat. Eventually, I lost patience and just scrubbed the treatment all of my teeth and held my mouth in an awkward, extremely toothy smile, for one minute so it could dry. After 20 mins, which I spent on an episode of Modern Family, I rinsed my mouth and headed off to bed. The next morning I woke up and surveyed my teeth. They did actually seem to be a little whiter, but I couldn’t help but think it was wishful thinking. However, with 6 days to go, things were looking good for my “megawatt” promised smile.


Day 2-6:

For the next 4 days of my trial, I kept up with this nightly regimen. I discovered that I was able to put on the treatment better if I wiped a tissue across my teeth before application. This allowed for the activated charcoal gel to stay on my teeth and cover more of the enamel. As I went through these nights, I would check my results every morning, looking for any difference in the whiteness of my teeth. To my surprise, I noticed a small change in the brightness of my smile but nothing dramatic.


Day 7:

With this night, my full week-long whitening experiment had ended. I followed the same routine I had created over the course of the week and hoped I would wake up to an even whiter smile-and I did! Although the difference was not extreme, I could definitely see that my teeth were whiter and brighter than before, and I didn’t have the tooth pain that comes with whitening strips.


In conclusion, while the BLAQ Whitening Wand does not give immediate or jaw-dropping results, it is a great product to use if you are willing to add this whitening treatment to your nightly routine. Not only is it sensitive teeth safe, but it really does leave you with a better, brighter smile!