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I Did the Pineapple Challenge (So You Don’t Have To) — Here’s What Happened

Honestly, I’m a sucker for anything with an interesting graphic or a catchy name. So, it’s no surprise that BuzzFeed and other clickbait articles often grab my attention a little more frequently than the average person. I find myself drawn in by the odd titles or seemingly relevant reviews and this occurrence was no different. I found myself skimming an article written by who knows who regarding pineapple consumption. The woman described the benefits that pineapple served for your body: clearer skin, shinier hair, weight loss, improvement of vaginal health along with a multitude of other positive attributions to this spiky fruit. I contemplated this for a bit and decided that for 20 days I would eat pineapple every single day in order to test out this miracle pineapple theory. So, without further convincing, my roommate and I agreed to do it together and we embarked on the most acidic challenge of our lives.

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Week 1 

Week one was an acclimating period as my roommate and I kept trying to remind each other to eat our pineapple every day.  Pineapple is good; don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan. Eating pineapple everyday was almost like a treat for me. The first week we didn’t notice anything super prominent, but I did feel often less bloated. The acid in pineapples is known to assist in digestion. Feeling a bit discouraged, nevertheless we persisted.

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Week 2 

Week two is when it became a habit. With some late night grocery store runs, I kept up with my daily pineapple consumption. My skin began to clear a bit and I was devoted to the idea that it had to be the pineapple. While it can’t be proven, I would like to think it was our acidic friend the pineapple. Again, I felt less bloated and had more energy. By this point I was already writing my ode to the pineapple.

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Week 3

This is when I grew a bit sick of pineapple. I forced it down for my final few days and reflected on the time and money I’d spent on this seemingly idiotic challenge. My body felt better, my skin didn’t look horrible, and I felt a lot of accomplishment when the 20 days was over. While I can’t say for sure that this wasn’t a placebo affect and a convenient swing of hormones, I truly feel like my twenty days of eating pineapple did me some good. 

P.S I still really like pineapple. 

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