How to Shoot Your Shot 101

Okay guys, I’ll admit it… When it comes to boys and putting myself out there, I’m a complete wimp. I’m almost never the one to make the first move and I’m constantly questioning whether or not I’m even a suitable candidate for other people to pursue. And I’m beginning to realize that if I don’t want to end up alone as a crazy dog lady (I’m allergic to cats) that I need understand my potential and really go for the things I want—in this case, romantically. Here are my easy tips to help you (and me) shoot your shot and put yourself out there!

1. Understand Your Worth

This is definitely the first step into putting yourself out there. If you don’t see the greatness within yourself, how will your potential suitor see it either? Being confident and loving with yourself can also help you spread those feelings to someone else. Know that you have amazing qualities within yourself that other people should get to know too—flaunt what you got and don’t be afraid to share it with the rest of the world, especially that one you’ve got your eye on.

2. Get a Hype Squad

If you’re anything like me, nerves are definitely your worst enemy when it comes to pursuing your crush. Does he even have any interest in me? What if I get rejected? Am I coming on too strong? This is where your best friends become your hype squad. Sometimes we all need that little push to help us send that risky “are you free this weekend?” text. So, buckle up, take a deep breath, and push that send button.

3. Know What You Want

This is extremely important. You have to know what you want (to an extent) from a person before you start actively pursuing them. It’s hard to (and usually fails) when you walk super blindly into pursuing your crush when you really don’t know what you even want in the first place. Are you trying to date them? Or maybe just a hook-up? Or maybe you’re trying to settle down as quickly as possible? Whatever the case may be, know what you want from the potential relationship so that you and that person can be transparent and communicative moving forward to make sure you're on the same page.  

4. Rejection Isn’t the End of the World

So, the point of shooting your shot is to ultimately know where you stand with a certain person. And yes, we’re all hoping it’s on the romantic side. However, failure may happen and you might miss the bucket in the end. But don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. Sure, we all risk the potential of rejection, however, knowing and accepting is better than forever wondering what could have been. And besides, why waste your time on someone who won’t give you theirs? So take your rejection with pride (even though it can be hard) and know that one rejection will ultimately lead you to your next ‘yes.’