Guide to Original Content on Disney+

In case you haven’t heard, Disney is launching their own streaming service on November 12, 2019 called Disney+. On the service, fans will have access to hundreds of the company’s shows, films, documentaries, and more! (Disney nerd moment: they are even releasing the animated films locked away in the “vault”).  Not only will it feature their beloved classics, it also is creating high profile, exclusive content for the platform. Here is a list of some of the original content confirmed to be coming to Disney+, starting from its release date all the way until 2021!

Releasing On: November 12, 2019

1. Lady and the Tramp

Based on the 1955 animated classic, this live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp tells the story of a pampered housedog and a lovable stray as they embark on an unexpected adventure, coming to learn the value of home as they become tangled up in each other’s lives. This movie features the voices of Tessa Thompson as Lady and Justin Theroux as Tramp, in this reimagining of two dogs from different sides of the track. You know I’ll be tuning in to watch two adorable pups share some famous spaghetti and meatballs alongside a moonlight serenade.


2. The Mandalorian ​

As a huge Star Wars fan myself, I can say this is one of my most anticipated watches on November 12. For the first time ever, Disney is creating it’s first ever live-action series in the franchise. The Mandalorian T.V. series is 8 episodes long and follows the titular bounty hunter in a universe five years after Return of the Jedi. In this epic space Western, the lone gunfighter makes his way through the outer reaches of the galaxy, far away from the control of the New Republic. With this show, it seems that the franchise is going back to its roots in terms of story and action, making it look as exciting as all the movies that came before it. Personally, I can’t wait to make another visit to a galaxy far, far away.


3. Noelle

Just in time for the holidays, Disney is releasing its yearly Christmas film, Noelle, starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader. This heartfelt comedy film tells the story of Kris Kringle’s daughter, Noelle, who wants nothing more than to do something important like her brother, Nick, who is slated to take over the family business. However, when Nick disappears the week of the big event, it’s up to Noelle to find him in time to save Christmas. This movie is perfect to throw on if you already feel like getting into the holiday spirit in November, or just love Christmas year-round!


4. High School Musical: The Musical-The Series

For all of us who grew up with High School Musical, the series is now going meta and I am totally here for it. The 10-episode series is set at the real-life East High and follows a group of students as they perform the school’s first ever production of “High School Musical.” In this documentary-styled comedy, it’s a modern take on a classic from our childhoods, where friendships are tested, rivalries flare, romances blossom, and of course, songs are sung. Will they all be in this together? Or do they gotta go their own way? Either way, you can bet it will be a night to remember when the series drops.


5. The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Disney fans are about to get a lot smarter after viewing Jeff Goldblum’s new series. Each of the 12 episodes are centered around something we all love, like ice cream or coffee, and Mr. Goldblum takes the viewers on a quirky journey to learn the surprising backstories of these rather ordinary objects that we don’t even think about. In The World According to Jeff Goldblum, watch the man himself as he unravels a world of shocking connections, enthralling science and history, amazing people, and a whole bunch of surprises. Join Jeff on November 12 to gain insight into his inquisitive and entertaining mind!


6. Encore!

Actress Kristin Bell serves as the host of Encore! where she brings together former castmates of a high school musical. In this hilarious form of a high school reunion, she tasks them with re-creating the original performance they put on as teenagers. Like any high school drama, tensions, cliques, rivalries, and friendships all reemerge as they attempt to pull off another standing-ovation worthy performance. These unlikely groups of friends will band together as this reunion is taken to a reality T.V.-inspired level. I know I can’t wait to watch these adults perform beloved musicals like “The Sound of Music,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and more!


7. Forky Asks a Question

If you loved Forky in the recent Toy Story 4, you are for sure going to enjoy this animated series. In these 10 mini-episodes, Forky, a handcrafted toy made from a spork, wants answers to important questions about love, life, and above all else, what is cheese? Kids and adults alike will enjoy the nihilistic garbage utensil ponder about the mysteries of the universe, and I look forward to all my questions being answered by a spork.

8. The Imagineering Story

Growing up near Disneyland in Southern California, this series is a particular treat to me, as well as other fans of the Disney theme parks. In this six-part docu-series, viewers will learn about the history of the famed parks from the beginning of their construction to the wild success they have today. This series will take the audience on a journey to learn the process of how Disney’s “Imagineers” brought their favorite rides and concepts to life. From the beginnings of Fantasyland to the creation of Galaxy’s Edge, I am so excited to get a behind the scenes look of how the magic happens.


Although not much information has yet been released about these projects, here is some information about upcoming original content slated for the next few years!

Releasing In: 2020

9. Monsters at Work

Kids of the 2000s can rejoice as Pixar is continuing the story of their lovable monsters. Monsters at Work will feature our favorite cast of scary monsters including Mike Wazowksi, Sulley, Yeti, and more as the series picks up where the first movie left off. Original voice actors like Billy Crystal, John Goodman, John Ratzenberger and more have signed onto the project, guaranteeing it will a frighteningly good time for both kids today, and the adults that are still kids at heart.

10. Lizzie McGuire

Say it with me everyone, “This is what dreams are made of.” Hilary Duff is returning to our screens with the reboot of the beloved series Lizzie McGuire. Now all grown-up, Lizzie is living and working in New York City and engaged to handsome restaurant manager. She’s got a lot of thoughts going through her head as she makes her way through adulthood, and I can’t wait to hear them all.

11. Falcon and the Winter Soldier

After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel is kicking off its new exclusive content with Falcon and the Winter Soldier, starring actors Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in their titular roles. The show will consist of six episodes, and there are rumors that Chris Evans might even reprise his role as Captain America for two of them. As of late 2019, production has already begun on the series, and I can’t wait to see the continued adventures of some of my favorite characters in the Marvel franchise!

Releasing In: 2021

12. Loki

The first Marvel series slated to appear in 2021 is Loki, which will star who else but Tom Hiddleston. One of the fan-favorites of MCU is back, where the story follows the anti-hero as he continuously appears throughout history. In the show, Loki will apparently become an unlikely influencer of historical events throughout human history, even leading to ramifications that will be felt throughout the rest of the franchise. Whatever those events might be, I’m ready to follow the God of Mischief throughout his time-jumping adventures in 2021.

13. WandaVision

Perhaps the most secretive on this list, Disney has the plot of WandaVision under tight wraps. According to Elizabeth Olsen, who will be returning alongside Paul Bettany, the series will focus on the transformation of Wanda becoming the “Scarlet Witch” and developing her character. Sadly, we will probably have to wait closer to the series premiere in to learn anything else. This two-year wait might seem long, but at least we will have other Disney content to keep us occupied! Does anyone want to do a Marvel movie marathon?

14. Hawkeye

Apparently 2021 will be a great year to be a Marvel fan! Another series coming this year is Hawkeye, starring Jeremy Renner and introducing Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. The show is rumored to focus on the latter character as she becomes a member of the Young Avengers, but not before Clint Barton can show her a trick or two. The series is sure to be filled with action, banter, and a whole lot of archery trick shots that would put Legolas and Katniss Everdeen to shame.

15. What If...?

Have you ever wondered what could have happened in some of your favorite movies that would have made the story end differently? Last on the list of up and coming Disney+ content is What If…? which will apparently bring audiences into new territory in the MCU. In the first animated series of the franchise, audience members will get the opportunity to explore the many unique possibilities the cinematic universe could have gone, as well as look into the lives of many different characters. 2021, why are you so far away?


While the wait for some of the new original content might be long, there are still literally hundreds of other titles to watch on Disney + on release day. If you click here, you can find a list to everything you can watch on release day, and trust me, you’ll be busy with over 460 options to choose from.

I hope you find a show you’re looking forward to! With that being said, I’m going to go binge all the new content Disney + has to offer.