Five Times "New Girl" Was Relatable AF

Okay, so yes, I watch a lot of shows on Netflix. But who doesn't these days? With Netflix quickly expanding its variety of shows and movies, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the options. I'm here to tell you that New Girl is a solid choice every single time. I mean it. 

Between Nick's dark humor, Jess's constant crisises, Schmidt's...well everything, and Winston's mess-arounds, you will be hard-pressed to find a reason not to laugh.

Let's explore some of the most relatable New Girl moments:

  1. 1. The time the Loft really thought it was going to be their year

    We are starting out with a strong one here; after ringing in a new year, Jess is determined to make it the Loft's year. Unfortunately, everything that happens is exactly counter to that goal. Sound familiar? Are you sticking to those resolutions?

  2. 2. Winston just really wanted to sleep

    When Winston tries to sleep in on a Saturday but his roommates make that impossible, this amazing line is produced. Me too, Winston, me too.

  3. 3. When Jess couldn't handle being home alone

    Being alone is great, healthy even. But I think we have all experienced the little freak-out when strange noises start happening while home alone. Jess's bat with knives taped to it is a perfectly rational reaction, right? 

  4. 4. Nick's love for "Cotton Eye Joe"

    Okay so Cotton Eye Joe isn't the most amazing song ever, but Nick's unwavering dedication to going all-out everytime it comes on is a huge mood. I would totally fist pump to Cotton Eye Joe with Nick Miller. How could you not?

  5. 5. Schmidt looses his shit

    And finally, my personal favorite, when Winston and Schmidt go to the aquarium. The thing is, Winston is trying to help Schmidt get over the fact that he can't have Cece. While browsing the fish collection, Schmidt sees the lion fish and is determined to have it, demanding that an aquarium employee give it to him. The employee wearily tells him that he can't have it and yep this is my all time favorite New Girl line, Schmidt says, "What do you mean can't?" I feel you Schmidt. Schmidt promptly falls into a full on temper-tantrum.

Moral of the story: New Girl is the relatable comedic relief you need in your life.