Finding Solace in Others

Being raised by a single mother has shaped me into a tenacious and stubborn woman. Growing up as an only child along a woman who considered me an equal was always a shaping and trying experience. Not for one minute would I have adjusted my circumstance because it made me reliant on myself, which is the most rooted place to rely. Living fiercely partnered with my mother has made me almost obligatorily independent. I often find myself harboring within myself and isolating just because it is what I know how to do, it is what I have had to do. But there are many moments I catch myself in my innately hermit ways and need a reminder that others are one of the most healing vessels we have available in our everyday lives.

            I have two best friends whom I often describe as my soul mates, while these relationships are platonic, I imagine myself growing old by their sides. When I become greedily invested in my own emotions, I can always count on one of them to pry me from my often times harmful solitary existence. I believe we each have a lot to learn from each other and that we often assume we know all we need to know about ourselves and forget that others may recognize qualities in us that we may graze over. My idea this week is based in community and companionship. This is a wholesome reminder that sometimes you need to venture outside of yourself to properly become acquainted with your own trials and emotions. Finding confidants and companions that will love us unconditionally and stay by our sides as we attempt to navigate our own journeys are important pieces of the story, and we often deem them as non-essential. Try to express your appreciation for your people this week, whoever they may be, reach out and remind them that they are valued and loved by you.

This week’s poem is ironically a poem I wrote alone about one of my closest childhood friends. While it is not directly related to this week’s theme, it is a piece I wrote in appreciation of a woman who has always inspired me without attempting to. Her gracious heart and wild adventure ridden spirit still remain with me even when she is living an ocean away. This style of poem is meant to be interpreted in a way that means something to you, do not let the simplicity trick you.

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The Thing About Travel


I know a girl,


With dark hair and almond eyes


Who always fell asleep on air planes


I held her limp hand during take off


Drowsy breaths decorating the aisle seat


I never guessed that the rest in her soul


Might have blossomed from


The unrest


Of staying in one place


But I figure now,


That must have been



Writing Location Recommendation:

            A quiet safe space surrounded by the healing presences I recommended above. Some of my best ideas come to me sitting at my dining room table surrounded by my best friend and my boyfriend. People you love dearly often cultivate the best words to act on.

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Until next week!