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Don’t Know What to Get Your Loved Ones for Christmas? I’ve Got Your Back! 

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Christmas might be the most wonderful time of the year, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be stressful. Shopping for gifts for your loved ones can be so overwhelming when you have no idea what to get them. Believe me, I’ve been there! But over the years after lots of trial and error, I’ve finally whittled gift-giving down to a science and I’ve got the perfect gifts for your outdoorsy cousin, your fashionista sister, your self-care enthusiast friend, your coffee-loving mom, and your tech-obsessed dad this holiday season. Of course, I understand that these descriptions may not fit your family members and loved ones to a T, but I believe that these gift ideas are for anyone and every one of your loved ones to enjoy! 

For your outdoorsy loved one: a new water bottle!

If you have a loved one who is always hiking through the trails, riding their bike around the city, or skiing down the mountain, a water bottle is a foolproof gift for them this holiday season. With so much outdoor activity, it’s easy to become dehydrated, so gifting your outdoor-loving loved one a water bottle is a great way to ensure that they stay hydrated and can keep enjoying their time in nature thirst-free. 

For your loved one who is a fashionista: a gift card to their favorite store! 

You can never go wrong with giving your fashion forward loved one a gift card to their favorite store. I know it might seem basic or unoriginal, but believe me when I say that gifting your loved one a gift card may be the smartest thing you can do this holiday season. Picking out a gift for a loved one who is a self-proclaimed fashionista can be so difficult because you can’t be sure what they will love, hate, and/or never wear. So, gifting a gift card is perfect because it will allow your loved one to choose the perfect new addition to their closet for themselves, taking the stress off of your shoulders, and ensuring that your loved-one will actually love and wear what they purchase. 

For your loved one who is a self-care enthusiast: mindfulness, self affirmation cards! 

Self-care is something everyone should partake in, but for the person in your life who seems to have their self-care rituals all dialed in, it may feel like there is nothing left to gift them. Never fear! I have the perfect gift for the self-care lover in your life: mindfulness self-care cards embossed with daily affirmations, designed to elicit joy in each moment, reduce anxiety, increase clarity, and empower your self-care enthusiast to tackle their day with ease. These cards are such a wonderful addition to a self-care lover’s repertoire of self-care activities, and I promise your self-care-loving loved one will love them! 

For your coffee-loving loved one: a coffee subscription! 

For many, drinking their morning coffee is a non-negotiable in their morning routine, and if you have a loved one who can’t go a morning without their coffee, this gift will be perfect for them! Give your coffee-loving loved one the gift of a coffee subscription. Bean Box allows you to set up a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription of specialty coffee beans for that person in your life who just can’t get enough coffee. Trust me, your coffee-enthused friend will love this gift! 

For your tech-obsessed loved one: a portable charger! 

Now, I’ve never met anyone obsessed with tech who doesn’t love the convenience of a portable charger. This portable charger is the perfect gift for those in your life who are always on the go, and are always running low on battery life. I promise this gift will be a huge hit with your loved ones who are always on their phones, but don’t have the time to sit around and wait for their phones to charge. The convenience of this gift is key and will make someone in your life very happy this holiday season! 

Gift-giving is such a wonderful Christmas tradition and it is an opportunity to show your loved ones just how much you care about them and their interests or hobbies. But, of course, it can be stressful to find that perfect gift, especially when you care so much about the people in your life and you want to gift them something that they will truly love. So, I hope that this gift guide was helpful, eased some of your overwhelm, and gave you some ideas of what to get those special people in your life this Christmas. 

Happy gift hunting and happy holidays, Huskies! 

Kelen Tamurian

Washington '26

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