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Don’t Believe in the Paranormal? You Might After These Stories…

I’ve heard many ghost stories throughout my life, ranging from not scary at all to literally keeping me up at night. These are the top 4 that still give me chills to this day: 

1. Ouija board gone wrong:

One of my friends was playing around with a ouija board with some people when she was 12 or 13 years old, in a cellar in the basement of her house, which was built in the 1920’s. That already sets up a slightly creepy atmosphere. Candles were lit and she had also set up video cameras to try and catch any paranormal activity if it occurred. They wanted to contact some spirits using the board, but nothing happened for quite a while. My friend said that she made some sort of a joke which probably was not a good idea in case a spirit out there may have been angered by it. Suddenly all the candles blew out, and keep in mind that this was in a cellar in the basement, so there would be no gusts of wind (my friend described it to be as ‘still as death’). Like any other normal person would, she got out of that basement ASAP. You could think that it was a coincidence that the candles randomly went out; I didn’t believe her at first either, but it gets weirder when she told me that the cameras had been recording the entire time but it was all black when she checked the footage the next morning… 

2. Demon Nurse:


This story is from a personal experience my dad had when he was a teenager. He had been out watching a horror film BY HIMSELF (why?!) and was biking back home when he experienced something paranormal. The scene he described to me is literally the ideal horror story setting; the street lights on the roads were not working so he was biking back home in complete darkness with only his bike light working. There had been stories about a nurse who had been murdered 10 years ago and she wandered through a golf course that was near his house – he told me that people had apparently heard her screaming in the night. He said he then heard some footsteps to the right of him but couldn’t see anyone there. He kept going until he managed to hit a road where some street lights were working, much to his relief. However as soon as he crossed them, he apparently saw someone cloaked in white with the face covered ahead of him. He slowed down, probably thinking that it was a real person out on the road, but was shocked to see the feet facing the OPPOSITE DIRECTION TO THE BODY. What was even worse was that his bike decided to break at that moment, so he resorted to what anyone else would do: run for the hills. Looking back, he said he couldn’t see anyone out on the road, so what was the thing he saw and where did it come from? 

3. Fancy parties and floating heads:


Another friend of mine recently told me about some eerie events at her house. She described nights where she had heard a full blown 1920’s cocktail party happening, seeing floating heads around the house and a little girl who would wander into the bedrooms if the doors had been left open. I don’t know about you, but I would be seriously freaked out for life if I saw or heard any of these happening, especially at a young age. 

4. The Blair Witch Project IRL:


This is a story I was told during a camping trip when I was 9 years old. Our camp leader was telling us about one of his first paranormal experiences ironically during his own camping trip, where he claims to have felt people crawling into his tent at night, and hearing screams, whispers, laughs and even a seance taking place one night. He went on to mention that his group found an abandoned warehouse with old photographs and children’s toys lying around in the debris. It got creepier when he spoke of seeing little stick figures scattered about throughout the warehouse, and that one ended up in his tent on his final night of the trip. It’s safe to say he didn’t go camping in those woods ever again. 




Ana Bhardwaj

Washington '21

Ana is a sophomore at the University of Washington from London, England. She is studying English Literature and in her free time, she enjoys photography, baking, watching movies and going to concerts and festivals.
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