The D’Amelio Sisters Arent Monsters

Fame can change people for the worse and get to their heads. But sometimes, we need to take a step back to realize that they are just humans like us, so they are allowed to make mistakes. Tiktok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have faced backlash for a recent video called “Dinner with the D’Amelios” that they uploaded on Youtube. The video also included their friend James Charles and a private celebrity chef. Both made comments in the video that fans interpreted as bratty or ungrateful.

There was a scene where the chef, Aaron May, is seen describing the dish that he has prepared, and Dixie asks if it contains snails she then proceeds to try. She immediately appears to feel sick to her stomach, making gagging noises and running outside where she throws up. Their chef said that it was “all fun and games” and that he was not upset by the situation. Later, when Charli was discussing how close she was to hitting 100 million TikTok followers she also said, “I wish I had more time! Imagine if I hit 100 mil a year after hitting a mil." James Charles chimed in, joking, “Was the 95 not enough for you?” Charli responded, “I was just saying, like even numbers." 

This bad publicity has caused Charli to lose around one million followers, a major setback on her road to 100 million. She has now reached 100 million, but fans and critics alike have not forgotten about what happened. Even though the recent backlash is still lingering, let’s look to the many instances that demonstrate the two gals arent as bad as some people are painting them to be.


Humble Beginnings

Before her internet fame, Charli was an aspiring dancer from Connecticut who just recorded videos for fun, while Dixie was a typical high school senior who played ice hockey. The way that Charli became viral was very unexpected and unprecedented. With all the attention that she drew in, her family was also placed in the spotlight. Dixie first noticed the sudden rise in the family's popularity when students on other teams began taking videos of her. Since then, the D’Amelios have made the move to Los Angeles, California. Being in the public eye is tough for anyone, especially those who become famous at such a young age. It can feel like your growing up under a microscope, with even the smallest actions that you take blown completely out of portion.  


Charity Work & Fostering Dogs

two friends walking big dogs on leashes on a bright grassy hill Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

The girls fostered three puppies and encourage others to the same. The puppies were all siblings: Weka, Moa, and Dodo who were rescued as strays from a reservation in Utah. By adopting puppies and presenting the option to their viewers, the girls were encouraging people to adopt instead of shop for their dogs at a traditional breeder. Alongside this, the D’Amelio family donated $10,000 to Best Friends Animal Society.

Charli also donated $50,000 to Norwalk Hospital amid the coronavirus pandemic. While I understand that just because you donate money doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a good person, because in some cases, it only means you have the funds to do so. But in my opinion, it appears that the money was donated out of the kindness of their hearts as they donate to places in their local community. Both girls use their platforms for activism and to spur important movements. Charli posted a TikTok encouraging eligible voters to go to the polls so that they can make their voices heard.


As you can see, the D'Amelio sisters are human just like the rest of us. They make their mistakes, but they come from a place of good intentions. They clearly still have a lot of growing up to do, but we have to make sure we give them a chance to do so before judging them prematurely.