College YouTubers Are Trending

Lifestyle vlogs are a large part of the YouTube algorithm. They allow us to get a glimpse of someone else’s day to day life. These videos are more lively versions of the content we see on social media. We watch the lives of other people as a form of escapism, or simply for pure entertainment. A genre of these lifestyle vlogs are college videos. Undergraduate students glorify every aspect of the experience. And for the most part, besides their personalities and the universities they attend, these YouTubers make the same content. 


The staple videos college YouTubers tend to create are dorm hauls or dorm tours. These are some of the most commonly watched videos in this niche community. YouTubers show the entire process unfolded: from buying the decor to show how it looks in the room. They also go over the essential items you might forget. I’ve spent hours upon hours watching dorm videos. I wanted to make sure that my dorm would be nicely decorated, as well as being prepared for dorm life. 


Some other popular videos, to no surprise, depict the college social life. This includes sororities, gamedays, and nightlife. YouTubers show the entertaining parts of their new city, both on and off campus. It allows the viewers to see all of the opportunities they can take advantage of once we arrive. These videos made me forget that I actually had to study, and college isn’t just about moving and meeting new people. I was too excited about starting this new chapter in my life. 


College YouTubers spend time creating Q&A videos. Their subscribers ask them questions about any aspect of college, and the content creator answers them. These videos can address one theme or provide general information. By hearing the perspectives of multiple students, it gives viewers the freedom to weigh their options. I used Q&A videos to help me pick UW and to help me pick my intended major. These sit-down videos come across as sisterly advice. 


Why are college YouTubers trending? It’s a genre that has blown up in the past few years. Personally, I’m always subscribing to new college vlog channels. The reason behind its newfound popularity is because it allows us to feel less alone. For high school students, the videos provide anticipation of what's ahead. For college students, we take comfort in the fact that others are sharing this unique experience. Or we get to see a new experience entirely. With YouTube being an ever expanding platform, college content will continue to grow and evolve.