Coldplay Does it Again. Listen To Their New Single, Daddy, For All The Feels

So someone sent me Coldplay’s new single "Daddy" from their upcoming eighth studio album, and let’s just say that you shouldn’t listen to a new sad Coldplay song in public. That is unless you want to cry your eyes out.

There are still two days until Coldplay releases their newest album Everyday Life on November 22nd, 2019, and disregarding when you are reading this, the song "Daddy" is bound to make you tear up, or at least feel some feels. 

The music video for the tender ballad also released, and it is so dreamy. Produced with object animation, a little boy (or girl it’s hard to tell), is shown riding on their boat in the middle of an unforgiving ocean and goes through the sea trying to find their way. First, their paddle gets lost, and then they find a kite, but that seems to slip out of their fingers as well. Going through the motions trying to find something out there that may or may not be in reach, something about the animated character gives you a sense that they have hope, and you see them persevering to find something, or someone, "out there."

Given the song title "Daddy", the character is probably looking for his/her dad. Someone that they might have lost, or never met. 


Daddy are you out there

Daddy why’d you run away

Daddy are you okay

Look dad we got the same hair

Daddy it’s my birthday

All I wanna say 

Is you’re so far away

Something about the simple yet beautiful piano chords and lyrics combined with Chris Martin’s angelic style of singing just has you feeling a certain type of way. Whether or not you’ve met your dad, or whether your dad has been around for your life or not, this song will make you think about a person that we’ve been taught as children to see in a certain light. Despite how you feel about your father, what society describes as “father figures” has been so ingrained in our brains since we were young. The representation of fathers in media depicts them as heroes, someone we can look up to, someone we aspire to become, and as someone who is capable of anything they set their mind to. More than anything, it is natural for humans to want to be cared for, especially by our parents, and this song taps into what it feels like to want a connection that we’ve never had, or someone that we have lost. Our fathers, or our parents in general, can feel like a reflection of us, and as our first caregivers, they can affect how we view the world, and maybe even sometimes, how we view our sense of self.   

I am lucky enough to still have my dad with me. I believe that listening to the song made me cry because the older I get, the more I’m starting to realize that our parents are not invincible, nor are they perfect. They are just people, just like us, who just happened to have us on their journey of life. 

Coldplay has been a band since 1996, and this is just one of those songs that reminds you why they have been successful and amazing. If making me cry while listening to one of their new songs while walking to class isn’t a success, then I don’t know what is. But then again. I’m a very sentimental person. 

Watch the video below and thank me (or hate me because of the tears) later.